Bag o’ Hammers

Captain’s Log   5,926

This is a bag of hammers.

bag of hammers

Collective IQ of zero

I know someone who is dumber than this bag of hammers.  I am challenged greatly by this because I have to deal with the fallout of dumb hammer remarks and ideas.  That is all.


I spent all day yesterday at meetings in the park.  I started off with a symposium on sustainability that tossed me into a boredom coma almost immediately.  Nothing worse than listening to a panel of people with advanced degrees in environmental science talk about therms and stuff.  The last panelist FINALLY brought out some visuals so we didn’t fall off our chairs.  Two hours of that.

A friend of mine was nominated for a park award.  She never gets it.  Going to post a photo and let you guess why she doesn’t fare well in the white-bread world of the park.


Can you guess?  She sat at my table and when she didn’t win (again), she blew me a kiss and politely left, avoiding the boring speakers.

Then it was off to a luncheon in the park.  It’s a very big deal every year.  The politicians attend.  Famous people from San Diego are also there in abundance.  Even our leader of the state assembly was there.

Several hundred people attend this luncheon every year.  It’s the politically smart place to be.  I cannot believe some directors do not attend.  Silly people.


Eating salad and listening to speakers.  Another two hours.

And then it was off to another meeting to examine audit reports for a governing organization in the park.  The fun never ceased!  I love the guy who invited me to do the project, so I did not grumble too much.


Sweet man who makes it fun.  He’s always got that big smile.  Next time, I will straighten his tie.  Still love him even though he put me through another 90 minutes of weirdness.

And so it goes.  Going through the motions for the most part.  I am traveling to Palm Springs on Friday to meet with some rich guy who has ideas about raising money.  I relish the idea of another day out of the office AND a mini-road trip.  And absolutely ZERO commitments on Saturday.  I cannot believe my luck!


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15 responses to “Bag o’ Hammers

  1. When I’m in those situations, I inconspicuously use my cell phone and play on FB. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you are having a couple of less stressful days even if part of them were so boring……Have a great weekend.

  3. poundheadhere

    Hmm… Could you meditate during those mindless affairs? At least that way you’d get something worthwhile out of it.

  4. Patty O'

    Well…at least you got a nice salad and were not listening to complaints or whining. Sounds like a step UP to me!

  5. I really do go to sleep at meetings like that. The worst was when I was on a planning board and didn’t understand a word they were sayinggggggzzzzzzz,,,,

    Stay cool in PS. She says waving…..

  6. How difficult to keep your mind on your own goals in a bunch like that!

  7. poolagirl

    It will be a better day.

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Sounds like you had a horrible day. Of course, anything that involves politics is horrible and boring. Yes, you do need to fix his tie next time!
    Hope today is a better day.

    Pen Pen

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