Lenny and Her Broom

Captain’s Log   5,924

Friend Sally is in Crimes of the Heart that opens tonight at a local community theatre.  It’s the same one I dabbled with these last few years and have since “retired.”   She is absolutely fantastic!  It’s interesting for me to see what the director did with the characters.  I would have put a completely different spin on several of them, including Friend Sally.

She plays Lenny, the spinster-like sister who never left home or got married.  She is the character with the most depth, but in this production, her character doesn’t ignite until the last act.  That’s unfortunate.  I cannot go to a theatre production anymore and not ponder what I would have done differently.  I certainly would have done a lot more with Lenny, starting with the opening scene.

One of the funniest scenes is where Lenny chases the obnoxious cousin out of the house with a broom.  There were so many choices in how to stage this.  Observe.


The “poke and stab you in the ass” method


The “hold you at bay on the sink” method

Unfortunately, Friend Sally got stuck with the “pound the broom on the floor and try to look menacing” method.  Regardless of the method, I applaud Sally for all the hard work she has put into this.  Sadly, this group only produces three performances of every show.  That is way too much work for such a limited run.  


On another note.  I got a tearful apology from someone who made my life hell on Wednesday.  A day late and a dollar short.  I still need to craft an exit plan.  I am too old for this repetitive nonsense.


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17 responses to “Lenny and Her Broom

  1. I hope you can go almost straight to retirement. Not that you’ll retire and twiddle your thumbs all day, but you might well pursue other interests and find out how easy it is to leave behind all the D-R-A-M-A. Apology, again, for the same old same-old? Nope, sorry. Too late doesn’t begin to cover it.

  2. Just like the politicians and the celebrities ~ they speak out of turn, say very nasty things and then think an apology will make it all better. Nay Nay, I say….

  3. Ter

    On your next trip to my coast, we should go to Proctor’s for show! The theatre is gorgeous!

  4. Are you building a list of people who might be able to direct the museum? Show ’em you mean business.

  5. Patty O'

    I am suspicious of tearful apologies. They are of little value in most cases. This person has already exhibited her (I assume) true colors. What matters is how YOU feel about the situation and what solution serves your purposes. Also: LOVE “Crimes of the Heart”. Time to dust off the old VCR tape and watch it again…

  6. Hug Sally for us, please.

  7. It’s like my friend Mikey. He had needed to go fill out his retirement papers even if he wasn’t going to retire that week. 🙂

    There’s also part time volunteer at the Star between writing plays. LOL

  8. bholles

    I am sure Sally is excited. Glad you got an apology for what it is worth.

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