Living Off the Grid

Captain’s Log   5,920

What adventures!  I went to see the Blue Man Group on Friday night!  They have added some cool new stuff.  Instead of massive amounts of paper coming down on top of the audience, they now have a dance party featuring…..BALLS!  And yes, there are a lot of references to the balls belong to the BLUE men.  Oh yes.  It was beyond hilarious!


The Blue Men have enormous balls!

It was fun to bounce them and shoot them all over the Civic Center stage.  Ever so much fun!  I went with someone who had never seen these guys before.  She usually only goes to the Civic for the opera.  Oh dear.  She was in for a change of pace.  She loved it.  She smiled and yelled and clapped and danced the entire time.  We had great seats too.  We were about 10 rows from the front.  Well away from the SPLASH ZONE.

Here’s a sample of what they do.

The miracles of PVC pipe!  I love these guys!  I have seen the 4 times now.  YAY!

The fun and excitement of Friday night was replaced with a road rally yesterday morning.  We started in a community about 12 miles east of San Diego and ended up in the mountains about 72 miles away.  This place is so remote that cell phones do not work.  You can see the border fence from there, and a Mexican cartel guy has a huge mansion on the Mexican side.  A lot of drugs are run through the area.  The drug guy controls it all, and since he’s on the other side of the border, the United States can’t touch him.  It’s a dangerous place.

jacumba map

We saw a lot of border patrol agents and other police.  Back in the 1940’s, this was a real hot springs that drew celebrities from Hollywood.  Now, it’s just a drug-infested place of great weirdness.

This high desert community was celebrating its 100 year anniversary.   We were placed in the city park which is really a large 10-acre chunk of sand and scrub pine.  It was hot as Hades and the humidity was all of 8%.  You could almost feel yourself shrink when you stepped out of the car.  All that crap about “dry heat” is really just crap.

When the interstate highway went in, this little town died away to nothingness.  


Hotel from the glory days of Jacumba


What it looks like today

There are artists out there.  Maybe being that far away from the rest of the world is inspiring.  One of the more successful artists has built this odd Chinese house on a cluster of boulders.

chinese house

This place has a bird’s eye view of the border fence and the drug guy’s house.

There were a lot of pretend cowboys running around yesterday.  And meth heads.  And a few other people who attracted a lot of attention from the deputy sheriff guys.  A lot of pit bulls were being dragged around on short chains.  You get the idea.  People who live out there do it for a reason, and most of those reasons do not involve being socially presentable to the rest of society.  These folks scrabble together some sort of living.  And they do not welcome strangers.

I stepped out of the shade for a brief moment to take a photo of the big metal snake that welcomes people to the park.

big snake jacumba

Snakes, lizards, disgruntled cowboys, and druggies.  It was quite a day.  I saw a lot of guys who look like those Duck Dynasty dudes.  

I stopped by Friend Patty’s house to deliver the money we raised at the event.  All of $15.  So not worth the time or the effort.  But it WAS an experience.  She gave me a beer and we sat and chatted for a bit.  Then I retired to my little house in a boring neighborhood without giant snakes, drug guys across the way, or faux Chinese “castles” build across the canyon.  Just me with diet Squirt and a cheese sandwich.  It felt so good to be away from the struggles of living off the grid.  The only grid I live off of is the one in my mind.


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16 responses to “Living Off the Grid

  1. Patty O'

    LOVED your visit yesterday afternoon. Pit bulls, dessicated brain cells, and corn with mustard. Jeez…

  2. susanna

    That made my weekend. I saw a bit of the blue man show and went to Jacumba without weathering the heat all on the gird of your mind. Cool!

  3. Before and after shooting of the theater. Charmed by the Blue Men. We both loved em. Came home to research the Woolley sculptures that were once on the walls there. Entertaining things too.

  4. There are definitely some quirky communities out there that are way, way off the beaten path. My main concern would be puttering around so close to the border.

  5. You could live in OB you know. LOL

    I will watch the video later. Right now it is a spoiler. We leave at noon for the Matinee. New to me too. I’ll take my camera. Loved the pictures with balls. 🙂

  6. Joanie B

    I never knew the Blue Men knew so much about human anatomy. What an interesting show. Also, that’s the border fence around the drug guy’s house?? It looks like one swift kick would knock it down! I would have believed you more if you told me that was the Chinese Santa Claus’ house with the color and the Candy Cane Chimney and all.

  7. bholles

    The Blue Man Group show looks like it was really a fun show. Has changed a lot since I have seen it.

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