I Truly Dislike Coddling People

Captain’s Log   5,919

It’s been a week.  Joy and fun.  Yes and no.   Up and down.  Swing and turn.

The exhibit went up an entire day ahead of schedule.  That amazed everyone!  My dogged determination to have a clean first “up curtain” on all of our exhibits is finally beginning to sink in.  Nobody will be there this morning running around like chickens without their heads.  We can stroll in an be ready to open the doors at 10:00.  Voila!

The cars are beyond stunning.

lead sled 2


Classic lead sled with “scallop” design

lead sled 4

Beautiful sled chopped and modified.  This is my pick of the litter!

lead sled 1

This one looks like lemon pie!

I think we have another hit on our hands.  Yesterday’s crowd really seemed to enjoy it!


I also discovered I have a SUPER sensitive staffer bee who cannot handle any editing of anything ever!  This person is a terrible writer and doesn’t follow directions.  For example, when I asked for a paragraph, I got nine pages.  All of it cobbled from Wikipedia.  That was simply not acceptable and I edited it down into one user-friendly paragraph.  You would have thought I had amputated someone’s feet.  We have an enormous disagreement about what museum narration is supposed to be.  I contend that it should be easy to read and understand because not everybody who comes in to our museum is a car nut.  Car nuts already know what they are looking at.  The argument was that most people are stupid and we need to overwhelm them with information.  After almost two hours of listening and trying to find common ground, I decided to change the job description.  And yes, the writing will still be edited  – now by two people (including me).  It will be different material, but it is still subject to Captain Poolie’s red pen.  We will see how this new system works.  I readily admit I am not 100% hopeful.  Maybe 37% but no more.


Most drama queens I have met in my world are men.  Just saying.

most dramatic

Get over your bad self!  And hurry!


It is my nature to take my lumps, learn a thing or two, and get on with what needs to happen.  I freely admit that I have a difficult time dealing with people who moan and carry on constantly about their poor sad lives.  Most (not all) of these people are creating those poor sad lives for themselves.  After dealing with my bereft staffer bee this week, I must say I am so glad I don’t allow myself to governed by such things.  Yes, I have my moments.  I rant on here and there and succumb to overwhelm at times, but I don’t walk around with that permanently attached to my soul.  I love to laugh and be happy.  I love to connect with people.  I cannot stand brooding and self-pity.  It never serves anyone or anything.


Going out to the high desert tomorrow to see the big snake.


Yay!  Big snake!

Speaking of big snakes….when I first started writing online (sorry, the word “blog” makes me think of something climbing out of slime), I would randomly click on different diaries just to see what was going on, who was writing, etc.  I found one on Diaryland called Badsnake Loosed.   I got more than I bargained for.  I blushed so much my ears turned red.  I decided to forgo one of the links from that page that would have taken me to It’s Okay to Punch Me.    It’s a big old cyber world out there and lots of people have lots of different things to say.

Another one of my “pals” that I enjoyed reading started writing pornography about Disney characters.  There is an official word for it.  Cartoon pornography.  Wow.  When I came across the first piece about Woody and Buzz having sex in the toybox, I knew I had to leave.  All of this written by a very intelligent but sheltered young woman who lived at home with her mom and her grandmother – who never had a job, been on a date, driven a car, or gone anywhere on her own except to her college classes.  She started writing this pornography stuff when she got into graduate school.

And let’s not talk anymore about the girl from Germany who wanted to have sex with my hair.  She was another odd one who lived at home with her mom and worked in a flower shop.  I found out who she was and sent her an email threatening to take it all to the mayor if she didn’t stop.  She stopped.


But none of that is happening today.  None of it!  I am going to see The Blue Man Group tonight after work!  Free tickets!

blue man


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25 responses to “I Truly Dislike Coddling People

  1. I’m so glad for you! Enjoy the show tonight.

    And for the record, my first response to constructive criticism is THANK YOU! As a writer, anything that helps me to improve is something to embrace.

  2. Patty O'

    Only eggs should be coddled. Bosses should ALWAYS edit. As for sex in front of a fireplace: Oh dear. I have a sad story there. It involves some nasty butt blisters. It is important NOT to be the person closest to the fire…

  3. joanie

    I, for one, am very flattered the someone wanted to have sex with your hair.

  4. I have worked for a lot of writers over the years. I have never worked for a good writer who refused an editor’s hand.

  5. Valerie

    The cars are GORGEOUS!!! And the Blue Man Group? Saw them twice now…so entertaining, yet weird at the same time.

  6. I agree.. Life is too short to waste time being sorry for yourself and whining about everything. Go forth and have fun. Those cars are beautiful….by the way…….

  7. Penny Tushingham

    Life is too short to hold onto negative thoughts, make like simple and enjoy it each and every day.

    Pen Pen

  8. We are going anyway, but G says that are’s aren’t free. LOL

    Love the look of the show. Don’t make excuses for yourself, if you have to edit, do it. Life is a much better thing one paragraph at a time.


  9. I think she said “hare”. Still bad, but not as bad as “hair”.

  10. bholles

    I want to see those cars. Have fun tonite. How did you score free tickets?

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