New Show!

Captain’s Log   5,917

The old exhibit goes out today.  The new exhibit comes in Tuesday and Wednesday.  I love these days of change.  Next up….these lovelies!



I call them jelly bean cars (real name is lead sleds).  They have been chopped and shaved and lowered.  The headlights are recessed (process called “Frenching”).  Even the door handles are gone.  Old body guys used to use lead to make the contours smooth.

“Frenching” used to mean something totally different when I was young.  Actually, it still does.  I also remember the first time I did it.  I thought I was going to die – my head smashed into a wall and Rick’s tongue halfway down my throat.   All I could say to myself was, “Who in the hell dreamed this one up and thought it was a good idea?”  It was not the best introduction.  It took us a few more sessions to get the hang of it.  

Anyway……  I love show change days.  I love having the museum floor completely empty and ready for something new.  I will take photos and post them tomorrow.


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24 responses to “New Show!

  1. Wow – love the vehicles and your segue. I can’t imagine you as a Mrs. Rick. Just sayin’.

    Then again, sounds like you couldn’t imagine you as a Mrs. Rick, either.

  2. Lucky Rick 🙂

    Gorgeous jelly beans!

  3. WOW….Just loverly things. Jelly beans indeed.

  4. Patty O'

    I LOVE your segue!

  5. bholles

    This looks like a fun one.

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