The Runway Blues

Captain’s Log   5,914

Today, I would like to talk about fashion.  Well, actually I want to talk about fashion that is paraded around on runways.  I was curious about it all so I got me to the Google and learned some interesting facts.

Lower-end (affordable) clothing is presented by models who are approachable and friendly.  Stores like JC Penny and Sears do that.  Ridiculous clothing priced beyond anyone’s means is presented by models who look arrogant, starved, and angry.  There is some sort of subliminal logic to it.  I guess they are telling us that rich people don’t have to smile and please anyone.  There might be some truth to it.  

But let’s go back to the runway for a moment.  What is up with that?  What is the joy in having emaciated people walk around in ugly clothing?  Well, I think it’s a lot like Nascar.  People are really waiting for the crash.  It’s like sitting on the porch during an electrical storm waiting for lightning to strike the transformer.  It is GOING to happen….eventually.

I make my point……


You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out……

You break your other ankle and your turn yourself around…..

That’s what it’s all about!


On your marks!

Get set!


(Olympic trials)


Might as well jump. Jump!

Go ahead and, jump.

Get it and jump. Jump!

Go ahead and, jump.


Cossack dancing at it’s finest.

This Russian woman can not only do it in heels…

She is also carrying a handbag!

Thank goodness for thongs….. (for her sake, at least)

Hey!  Hey!  HEY!

And not only are the models a trip, so is the clothing.  We’ve all seen it.  No need for more photos…..

Except this one.


You can see another coming around the back, so it’s some sort of group deal.  No sure what this is supposed to be.  Maybe they are prototype costumes for a musical version of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

The elastic leg bands give it such a nice, jammies feel.

There are many good reasons I am not in the fashion industry.  Besides the fact that I am completely uninterested in clothing (for the most part), I laugh far to easily.


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14 responses to “The Runway Blues

  1. My baby sister and I have a long-standing joke: when we give gifts, we hunt for the ugliest wrapping paper we can find and dub it designer packaging.

  2. Fashion amuses me. I do keep a weather eye out….not that I wear any of it. There are two sites that are always worth a brief stop;

    Advanced style is always lively, always amuses, and today’s entry is just your sort of thing.

    Then there’s:

    He is always up to date….not that someone as large as me will wear purple pants and a bright orange coat. But it stirrs my imagination. LOL

  3. Valerie

    I don’t understand haute couture. But, I WILL admit to absolutely loving to watch Project Runway every week. Love to see these young (and not so young) designers come up with a design that meets the criteria of the challenge, but then to actually MAKE it themselves – they’re just so, so talented. When the final 3 get to show their collections at Fashion Week – they’re amazing!

  4. I concur. Same goes for the ridiculously high high heels. If you watch, most of the women wearing them can’t walk very fast, and they are pitched forward like they are going to land on their face-lifted faces. Where are the nice little kitten heels or the 2 inch ones that I could walk in all day without a problem….not that I wear high heels anymore. And the clothes….they are too low, too high, too cut-up with slits here and there and everywhere, too tight and very unattractive…..I really liked the polyester time when clothing looked nice all day and you felt much more classy….

    I’ve never understood why emaciated, frowning and scowling women would present clothing well to the public. I guess you are not supposed to be looking at the facial features of the model ~ just the clothing.

  5. Patty O'

    That was so much FUN!

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