Is That a Blunderbuss in Your Pocket?

Captain’s Log  5,913

I had the best time with my dinner guests Friday night.  It was International Talk Like a Pirate Day (that I had completely missed so flog me).  Jon showed up in full gear to celebrate the day.  He did change out of this and into a Hawaiian shirt, but the effect of seeing him at the door yelling to gain entry was very, very funny!


And that is a fake blunderbuss sticking out of his waistband.  NOT something else!

His wife Lynn was not piratical because she is wearing a walking cast right now.  Sore footie.  But she brought great cheese appetizers so all was well.

Sometimes, you run across people that are just so easy to be around.  They are interesting conversationalists.  They laugh.  They connect the dots between your experiences and theirs.  Such was the case Friday night.  We spent five hours eating, laughing, telling stories.  They also brought dessert.  How can you go wrong with root beer floats?  My hostess gift was a six-pack of high-end root beers (all different).  I have already started drinking them.


I thought the one on the right said KLUTZTOWN.  I wondered how they knew it would be such a perfect beverage for me!

How can you not like people who make you laugh for five hours, show up dressed like a pirate, bring you maple/smoked cheese, and love root beer as much as you do?

I served really great veggie cheeseburgers (with all the fixings), fruit salad, veggie baked beans, chips, and…….

white and yellow corn

Fabulous two-colored sweet corn!  Yummers!  Served with real creamery butter and salt.  What more do you need?

A little wine and a few beers and we were all set.  The root beer floats were served later out on the patio.  In the dark.  It’s fun working a root beer float in the dark – kind of punching the straw into whatever seems like ice cream.

They expressed interest in learning to geocache.  That will probably be our next time together.  They go “jeeping” in the desert and I geocache.  Sounds like a combo day in the making.  There are a lot of caches out in the desert, but when the weather is hot, only fools are out there looking for them.  

cache in the desert

Luke, I am your geocache!

Loving the cooler weather.  Slept under the covers without a fan last night for the first time since….I have no idea.  Took home museum work for a yesterday project.  Another project for my other job today, but the day is glorious so I don’t mind having to leave the house.


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12 responses to “Is That a Blunderbuss in Your Pocket?

  1. poundheadhere

    You’re entirely too stressed when you miss International Talk Like A Pirate day. I wish I could’ve taken photos at work and shared with you. One of my colleagues came to work that day in full pirate regalia. His hat is a large metal colander, inverted of course. Awesome guy, awesome attire.

  2. susanna

    I was at a posh little restaurant not long ago that served nothing but weird fair, nothing basic and yummie. The dessert menu had nothing but gelatos and fruit offerings. I asked they had root beer floats. They didn’t but they brought me a bottle of root beer and a dish of vanilla gelato. Fabulous! Your party sounds divine! The picture is hilarious.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    boylan is a favorite here and kutztown is in pa dutch country… we are particularly appreciative of our local brewery that also does a home brew root beer. My Kiddo is a root beer fiend. … maybe a reason to venture south into NY on your leaf peeper tour

  4. joanie

    Ooooo…those root beers are making me swoon!

  5. So a little root beer to swig down with your pirate buddy? Glad you had a feast and enjoy the company.

  6. Boylan’s is made right down the street from where I grew up! ARRRRRRR!!

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