Old Building By the Bay

Captain’s Log   5,910

I am tired of this heat.  We had a minimum day at the museum yesterday because of the misery, and we will do it again today.  When the afternoon sun beats through the office windows, the temperatures go way over 100 degrees.  It is supposed to be 96-99 degrees today.  The real cool-down starts on Thursday.  By Friday, it should be 20 degrees cooler than it is today.  Thank goodness.

This was one way to beat the heat yesterday.


Dog day afternoon

The city built a new waterfront park with fountains described as “interactive.”  That’s a loose term.  They are more of a swimming area.  Homeless people bathe in them too because it’s okay to get wet.   The area surrounding the fountains is a muddy mess.  I have had legitimate business at the county offices and parking has been a challenge.  Families take up a lot of spots to unload floaties, coolers, blankets, etc.


Urban water park that has quickly become a security nightmare

The curmudgeon in me wonders why on earth we built a water park right across the street from the bay.  There are free beaches on the OCEAN everywhere here.  Did we really have to put this on the grounds  of a spectacular old building?  San Diego is famous for putting things together that don’t look good together.  This is one.


Gorgeous old place with lots of character 


Lots of mosaic work

mosaic floor

In the center of the building


You feel like you are walking into history

Yes, there are a lot of issues with the building.  But it has the old feeling of a well-loved library.  You can smell the polished wood and the waxed floors.  If you close your eyes, you can hear the excitement of young people in love waiting for a marriage license.  You can hear the legal process working in the upstairs chamber as citizens have the right to speak to their elected officials.  It’s old but I love it.

I am not a huge fan of making everything modern.  I like the old ways.  I like chopping veggies on a cutting board.  I like scrubbing floors with a real mop.  I carry cash and use it often.  And I love the old building by the bay.


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16 responses to “Old Building By the Bay

  1. poundheadhere

    I like the concept of the water park but can see how it is a logistical nightmare and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Sorry it’s mucking with your day.

  2. G and I like that park. Kids and mom’s love it, and security is nice and polite. On a horribly hot day it was heaven.

    Yes, minimum day should be perfection. G said the folks just walked in and left right away. No enjoyment.

    We be air. I keep telling you to come here. We will hide you away in a cool corner and keep you plied with diet coke or iced tea. You don’t even have to interact with other humans if you don’t want. Hugs.

  3. susanna

    I am an innocent for sure. I went to the water park and was delighted to see all the little children playing in the water, no thought of fungus, no thought of lawsuits. However I had no desire to take off my shoes and join the crowd so I must have been getting a subtle inner message… icky. However I did stop for a foot bath/massage at Grossmont Center and the next day….fungus toe…icky.

  4. joanie

    I sure hope this “community bath tub” is chlorinated, but even so, you won’t catch me in there.There’s probably not enough chlorine in the world to kill what’s in there! And you’re right, wait until there’s an issue and someone will be suing the city for millions! If this thing is deep enough to cover peoples feet (which is how it looks) you can imagine the bacteria that will take up residence from people tromping through the mud and into the water. Also a child can drown in only 2 INCHES of water. So can an adult who slips and bangs their head and doesn’t get up.Then there’s the stupid Mom who says “Mommy has some business to take care of…Stay here and play till I get back.” What a dumb and costly idea .

  5. Patty O'

    Of course, you are right; it was a good idea in a bad place. But then, where else is there open space for a “park” in the downtown area? As for the building, thank you for reminding me that it IS architecturally interesting and historically relevant. When I think of it I am flooded with negative memories: the incredible rudeness of Jim Bates, the over-all horridness of Roger Hedgecock, the late late night meetings attended and the arguments, the struggles to provide decent mental health services to our citizens, and the constant and neverending frustrations. And yet…things got done by good people who worked hard with tenacity and absolute sincerity. I guess it’s a pretty good place in the end.

    • poolagirl

      There are already several parks downtown. There is a big one for kids right across from the convention center. Another in Little Italy. My issue is that they made it a water park with the bay right across the damn street. And anything to do with Roger Hedgecock would give me nightmares.

  6. My first reaction was, where are the lifeguards? There are a lot of people, unfortunately in positions of authority, who seem to be incapable of thinking things through.

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