Hot Times With the Birdies

Captain’s Log   5,909

Just more birds this morning.  I was so blessed to have my pals all over the place on Saturday.  I spent all day out on the patio just enjoying them so very much.


Male roufus hummingbird sits on the bent fork windchimes and guards the feeder from all other hummers.  He was there for hours and hours.  It’s busy work being a bully.  Got this shot from about 20 feet away.


Mr. Roufus takes a break and enjoys a sip or two himself.


Dove waiting for a chance to pounce on the thistle feeder.


I had just filled up the makeshift bird bath with nice cool water.  It took them about 30 seconds to find it.  Cute little goldfinch pals!


Miss Sparrow joined the party.

It is so damn hot here right now it makes me wonder how we will survive a full day at the museum without air conditioning.  There were salt rings on my t-shirt last night when I changed into my bed clothes.  That’s how hot it is here.

hot hot hot


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14 responses to “Hot Times With the Birdies

  1. poundheadhere

    Just a thought – get a hose and a sprinkler head and run through it. Cheaper than an AC. Or invest in a portable swamp/evaporative cooler. Home Depot sells them here. They’re not super cheap and they won’t cool your whole house but they CAN cool down the room you’re in, substantially so.

  2. susanna

    That was the cutest entry ever. It reminded me of my Great Aunt Clara who used to read old fashioned stories to me about birds and nature. It sounded just like yours. Mr. Bird alights on a branch near a red berry…..That was it…that was the big adventure. Oh my, I am seeing a childrens book. Your pictures, your captions. I know you can do this.
    BTW do you know of any good children’s artists? I have the book, need artist.

  3. You can come here and luxuriate in an air conditioned room full of books. G is doggedly running that free ac, and I blanch to think of the bill. Mr. G reports that few stuck around in the heat of the day. Some just zipped in and zipped out at an even faster speed. He came home muttering about fans.


  4. Sure hope the heat goes down dramatically soon. Other wise you will be the one keeping all the other birds out of that bird bath!

  5. Maybe you should prepare a “people bath.” Why should the birds have all the benefits?

  6. Valerie

    Wonderful photos!

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