Guest Room Will Fill Up Soon

Captain’s Log    5,905

I am having visitors!  YAY!

Anneke is coming to visit in January!  YAY!

anneke and poolie on the farm

Two amigas causing trouble in Iowa a few years ago.  We were going kind of fast.  Look at how hard Anneke is hanging on to the “oh shit” handle!  And her hair is blowing in the wind.

And Penny is coming in February!  YAY!  She comes every year for a business trip but we still have loads of fun!

poolie and penny

A few years ago when I went to visit Penny in Montana.  We went to Yellowstone and found some bison!  And lots of other things.

And…..old pal Minnesota Merle might swing by in February for a visit too!  

merle d

YAY!  I haven’t seen Merle for 23 years.  When I first met her, I was kicking around a soccer ball with her son who was about four years old.  He is a man now.  With kids of his own.  How does that happen?  It seems like only yesterday.

And dinner guests next week.  Good thing I bought some paper towels to keep my house sparkling clean for all this activity!


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67 responses to “Guest Room Will Fill Up Soon

  1. poundheadhere

    I was feeling guilty for not stopping by timely to read and comment, but I see Dangerspouse took over and stirred the proverbial and literal pot. In the meantime – enjoy your company!

  2. susanna

    Now that was a tour de force! I want to get you a zucchini thing that makes zucchini noodles. Do you have one?

  3. Patty O'

    Let the Games begin!

  4. I made a completely vegetarian vegetable terrine that was better than you or anyone else reading this has had in the last 7 lifetimes, and I thought of you. NewWifey(tm) became pre-orgasmic just looking at it. I know this has nothing to do with your entry, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. Oh, and we had lots of wine with it too.Raven’s Wood Shiraz. I don’t know if you could tell. There’s like, half the terrine left if you can get over here in the next hour. Do try. I’ll send you an e-mail pic to convince you to hurry.

    What the hell – bring Anneke and Penny too.

    • Patty O'

      Dear DS: I am not a vegetarian but a big fan of ratatouille, which I make all the time But I have never made a terrine. Would you share the list of included veggies so we can have a better idea of what your masterpiece actually was?

      • poolagirl

        He will regale you!

      • Brace for regaling:

        In a nutshell:

        I stovetop grilled slices of eggplant and zucchini. Then I roasted and peeled two red peppers, and cut them into wide strips. Then I layered them into a bread pan until it was full, along with layers of goat cheese and fresh basil leaves. It was: layer of eggplant, layer of zucc, layer of red pepper, layer of basil, layer of cheese, repeat. (I also ran a layer of eggplant leaves up and over the side, folding them over the top so the whole thing looked encased, as you can see.) Then I wrapped it in plastic wrap and foil, placed another bread pan on top with a weight in it, and let it sit in the fridge over night. We had it for lunch when I got home the next day.

        Now, in more detail:

        I used a standard sized bread pan, not a terrine pan per se. To make unmolding easier I lined it with a layer of foil AND plastic wrap.

        For that size pan I used two medium eggplant, which I cut lengthwise into fairly thick slices (I used the trimmings and small amount of excess to make a Thai eggplant stir fry, which is an unnecessary detail but it feeds my ego to impart it.)

        I lightly scored each slice then salted them and let them drain on a rack for about an hour, then rinsed them and compressed them under a heavy weight between towels for 15 – 20 minutes.

        I cut the zucchini (1 med-large one) into thinner strips, but didn’t do any other prep.

        When my grill pan was hot I brushed each slice of eggplant and zucchini with a mixture of EVOO and a lemon juice (about 4:1), and grilled on each side to the point you can see in the pic. Then I let them cool.

        The red peppers were prepped by putting them, whole, on a half-sheet and sticking them under the broiler until they absolutely blackened solid on all sides. Those were then put in a bowl with a towel over the top til they cooled, at which time I peeled the black layer off.

        The very first layer to go into the loaf pan was eggplant – SIDEWAYS. I draped them up an over the sides, with the draped part getting folded over the top at the end. Then I laid down a long slice of eggplant on the bottom to both cover any gaps, and to look good when it was unmolded upside-down at presentation.

        I took all the basil leaves and bruised them to release their flavor, but otherwise left them whole.

        The cheese I used was Boucheron goat cheese, which is pretty widely available I think. But if you can’t find it, and good semi-firm cheese would work. I bet mozzarella would be excellent even.

        I didn’t really use any other spices, since I had fresh basil from the garden. I was worried about that at first, but when I tasted it I realized it was the right decision. The grilling flavor stood in for spices just fine.

        I made a nifty fusion style vinaigrette of lime juice, tarragon, olive oil, honey, Korean bean paste, and a little mustard to emulsify it, to serve on the side. I liked the way it brightened the dish, but my wife thought it didn’t need it and masked the subtle seasoning of the terrine.

        I also grilled a few small sausages, split them, and served them on the side of the plate. I thought the contrast was very nice, but obviously that’s optional. And in my case, the bread was also since I’m going low carb. But my wife said she preferred it without bread regardless. But I’d still serve it to guests anyway.

        Glad you asked!


        • Patty O'

          Thank you for your generous reply! Including the technique/instructions is not only helpful but inspirational. I will gather courage and give it a whirl. The photo is downright mouthwatering. I’ll bet Poolie the Pirate is out at the Farmers Market right now scoring eggplant.

          • Glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you make it. No need to gather courage. Just veggies. If you DO make it, post a pic! And one final thing: recipes are the refuge of uncreative cooks. If you can’t find an ingredient, don’t like an ingredient (or several), or just happen to spot something else that looks good, don’t be a slave to the instructions. I didn’t use a recipe when I made this, I just grabbed what looked good at the market (other than the eggplant, which I went in with the intent of buying). Anything not too watery will work if it’s layered, compressed and chilled. Have fun, and don’t sweat it, and it’ll come out great!

        • poolagirl

          Wow! That was quite an answer!

    • poolagirl

      Will you cook for me when I come visit?

  5. Valerie

    And don’t forget Valerie! I’m going to my brother’s in November, so I was kind of thinking next March sometime – call me crazy, but I have a great fear of flying during the winter …that the wings of the plane would need to be “de-iced” before take-off and they would freeze up again and I’d go down with the plane…like I said, call me crazy!

  6. Wow…It sounds like Poolie’s Pop Inn…..

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