About Those Lights……

Captain’s Log   5,907

Sitting at the car dealer waiting for Sister Mary Zoom Zoom.  I had loyalty cash to spend and they give you $5 off an oil change if you bring it in before 5,000 miles.  So….  That gives me almost $8 of credit today.  Think I will celebrate by buying myself a bagel on the way to work.

It’s hot here.  Well, I know that’s relative.  It’s hot for us.  High humidity thanks to tropical storm Norbert.  One year, there was a hurricane named Paula.  I want to be on the team that names hurricanes.  Think of all the modern names we could use today.  Hurricanes would sound so silly if we did that.

Hurricane Misty

Hurricane Brooke

Hurricane Conner

Hurricane Kaneesha

Hurricane Petrick

Hilarious stuff if you stop to think about it.  Then again, it’s Monday morning and most things sound funny right now.

I have 21 more days of work before the New England trip!  Wahooooo!  It’s going to be such fun.  We have booked ourselves for a night at the Hartness House in Springfield, Vermont.   It was built by an eccentric millionaire guy who liked tunnels.  There are science workshops and tunnels everywhere.  As guests, we get a tour.

hartness house

Really spiffy!

Breakfast is available for purchase, and I’m sure it will be wonderful.  Not skimping one bit on this trip.  You don’t go to New England in the fall and then skimp.  It’s just not right!  I am so amazed and how close together everything is.  I am used to driving 2-3 hours just to go to Los Angeles.  That amount of driving time can get you into another state.  Kinda like Europe except it isn’t Europe.

The technician just came in and told me those lights are SUPPOSED to be on like that.  I have been driving around all that time the wrong way.  We shared quite a laugh.  Such fun on a Monday.

Such fun.


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11 responses to “About Those Lights……

  1. I sure hope the Autumn leaves are dressed in their glory while you are on the East Coast. They are gloriously beautiful….they are beautiful in Indiana too but I fear our leaves will just turn brown and fall off this year. It just hasn’t been cold enough yet.

  2. You’re going to fall in love with the eastern seaboard

  3. goatbarnwitch

    I had a young lady from LA working with me last year who thought nothing of the hour drive to get here. To her that is the equivalent of just around the corner, lol. The smaller states here sure do make it easier to feel like you have gotten away from home just from reading the welcome signs for each state. If you make it to NY let me know 🙂

  4. susanna

    I can relate to the lights on thing. I just had a new radio/CD player installed in my car and every time you change a station or do anything, it explodes with lights flashing across the face of the screen. It’s driving me crazy. There is way to turn them off but try as I may I can’t get there. I’m off to the installers today for a technical lesson. Due to stress, I think I will stop and sooth myself with a bagel also.

  5. I’ve had wonderful stays at New England Inns. You’ll love it. And then we get to love you!

  6. Ter

    Can I say I’m all squee’ing over here that you’ll be on my coast soon?? Meet &greet gotta happen!

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