When You Utterly Walk Away

Captain’s Log    5,905

Sometimes, something just hits you so squarely between the eyes that your breath is sucked right out of your soul.  I call them soul-stopping moments.

I was cruising around on Facebook earlier this morning when I found this on someone’s timeline.  Bang!  Kerpow!


I spent too much of my life doing this in one way or another.  But no more.  I am not interested in compromising my values for anyone –  being judged for my salary (you could be earning so much more), my English major (a stupid major that has no value in the market place), the cheap little car I love and drive (you can afford something nicer), my looks (you don’t really spend much time in front of a mirror, do you?), how I dress (not very classy or sophisticated), or my choices to live life as a quirky experience rather than the American dream (too old for silly shit like geocaching and all the pirate stuff – plus I will be damn sorry I never got married, settled down, and had kids).

To those who might choose to hammer me for any of these things, I simply say…….

Go fuck yourself……and have a nice day.  

When people put you down, they are only doing that to make themselves look bigger and better.   Life is too short to try pleasing the asshats of this world.  I had a lovely discussion on the boat last night with someone I admire deeply.  This very subject.  And then, when I open up Facebook this morning…..I see it again.

Listen to what the universe is trying to tell you.


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30 responses to “When You Utterly Walk Away

  1. joanie

    Great post. Seen people who have spent years trying to go the route of “proving” they can be what someone else wants them to be. Not a pretty picture. You can only do it for so long and then you go back to your usual self and it becomes an effort in futility. If someone else doesn’t like or love you even in spite of who you really are and tries to change you, then forget it! Compromise is something that can only be done with someone who wants YOUR happiness as much as their own.

  2. I don’t know why some people are so intent on insisting other people live a lifestyle similar to those found in sitcoms…kids, dog, marriage. I think the reason those people are insistent is because they are insecure about their own decisions. They were afraid to go outside the box themselves.

  3. Patti

    yup, living the dream, sweetie! I feel you on this one. You have no idea of how many people feel free to “share” with me what I’m doing wrong on the platform. Why those shoes don’t go with those pants, how I need a different shade of lipstick, why my hair does nothing for me…you get the drift. and I keep telling everyone that my suggestion box is a paper shredder!!!!

  4. betty

    good one Paula. Don’t EVEN get me started on this subject………….if I start, I wont even be able to stop.

  5. poundheadhere

    It most assuredly sounds as though the Universe is speaking to you – or maybe shouting. I know for the most part you choose the paths you walk, but for the past several years you’ve contended with all too much grief from the work end of it. I hope you’re in a position soon to bid adieu to the things that are hacking away at your peace of mind.

    I wonder how you’d have fared with a husband and children. I suspect it would have made you a very different person than you are now, for better or worse. You chose the road less traveled, and celebrated every pebble along the way. The rest of us can only oooh and ahhhh over your discoveries, wondering “if only…” while we cheer you on.

  6. susanna

    I have to be allowing of others; After taking a look at my own life (“Did I do that?”) I realize allowing is the only way to go.

  7. Jean

    There were 2 girls from the south that came bk for their 10th year class reunion. The 1st girl said to the other, My daddy sent me to the best finishing school, I married a very successful man and have 2 children, a boy and a girl. We live in a beautiful house and belong to the country club, What have u been doing. Well she said, my daddy sent me to finishing school also where i learned how to say “Thats Nice” instead of Fuck you !!!

  8. Yup, you are living “my” American Dream.

    Yes, mam.
    Yes, three, the Weather Channel has the “hurricane, tropical storm, tropical depression” landing right over us. Everybody else shows variations.

  9. Yep….when you have to live with and compromise with someone else; it does change your perspective. But now that I am alone….whoo hoo…it’s such fun to rediscover me and what I like. I’m glad you are getting closer to living your dream…

  10. The only time you can’t do that is when you have (real) responsibilities to somebody other than yourself. When that is true, your perceptions change anyhow. Otherwise, the choice is yours, however you choose to make it.

  11. maryz

    A M E N!!!! You GO, Girl!

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