Junkyard Dog

Captain’s Log   5,903

So this is today’s adventure!  I am going to the junkyard to find car parts for the symphony project.  Had a tetanus shot a few years ago so I should be good.


Some girls have all the fun, eh?

I need to wear my geocaching shoes or hiking boots or something of that ilk.  Crawling around in these heaps could be a challenge.

If they have a junkyard dog, I hope it look like this.

junkyard dog

Somehow, I think the dog will be more fierce.


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14 responses to “Junkyard Dog

  1. joanie

    Never a dull moment in your world! You crack me up!

  2. poundheadhere

    I could see you doing this with all success. You have a sixth sense for finding pure gold in the middle of the mundane.

  3. Stomping through a junkyard is my husband’s idea of a wonderful day!

  4. susanna

    You certainly are prepared with years of geocaching behind you…and the shoes.

  5. Yep ~ most junkyard dogs don’t look that good…for sure. Good luck with the search.

  6. Oh goodie….I love junkyards. I used to run one. Have a ball.

  7. bholles

    You will have lots of fun.

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