I Need a Road Trip, Please

Captain’s Log     5,902

I am getting the traveling itch.  Itch itch itchy go the feet feet feet.


I want.  I want.  I want.


I really really want want want.  But I would need a bigger car to tow it.  Mazdas are not designed for anything like this.

I really need a road trip.  A long one.  Where could I go?  What would I do?


Montana!  Penny, what do you say?

Winter snow on the welcome sign, Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona in the snow.  I have seen it with and without snow.  Either way, it’s breathtaking!


Galena, Illinois is a lovely spot.  Spent some time here a few years ago with pals Anneke and DeAnn.


Jerome, Arizona completely captivated me.  Incredible drive up and down the mountain.

convertible 3

I can wear hats like this.  I even have one that I bought at a gas station in Yuma.


I can do crazy wild abandon stuff too.


Indiana would be fun to see again too.

saint paul 1

Walk my old stomping grounds on Summit Avenue where I used to live in Saint Paul (near F. Scott Fitzgerald’s house).

iowa dawn

Iowa at dawn (with a distelfink on the barn).


Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas – which I have seen and would love to see again.


Gulf Shores white sand beaches.  First and last place I ever tasted grits.

So many choices.  My heart is bursting with the very idea of doing this.


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26 responses to “I Need a Road Trip, Please

  1. poundheadhere

    I’m jealous that you can even consider those trips. I need to get things organized so I can travel. I really need to get away.

  2. Penny Tushingham

    Won’t happen in 2014 but maybe we can plan something for 2015!

    Pen Pen

  3. Just like Thelma and Louise…..Hope you find a way to make it work!.

  4. maryz

    Come to Gulf Shores the end of June when we’re there. We’ll give you more food than you can imagine. Plus you didn’t mention the gorgeous mountains in East Tennessee. We need to show them to you.

  5. farmgirl

    Hell do them all!!! Will see you in Iowa as you pass thru to…wait…ummm…hmm….where could you be going….oh, I know…to see DeAnn!!

  6. Anneke

    Hop on a plane and we will do Europe.

  7. susanna

    Wow, they all look beautiful. I may be off to Montana the first week in Oct. but it is a retreat about Angels and Archangels. I reckon you’d rather romp around and play it by ear than to sit and take notes at a retreat. I’m such a Virgo. You’re such a Sag? I know that’s not right but I bet it’s in your astrology somewhere.

  8. betty

    road trip!!!! yay, when do we leave??

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