A Day at Disneyland

Captain’s Log   5,899

Yesterday was Disneyland day!  YAY!  Friend Sally scored two free tickets, so off we went.  We left San Diego just after 6:00.  We stopped for breakfast in San Clemente and actually made it through the gates of Disneyland by about 9:15.  That was excellent time when you consider we drove through the Los Angeles morning rush.  The carpool lane saved our butts.

Friend Sally is the biggest Disneyland fan I have ever met.  I used to think it was Friend Cristy, but I was wrong.  Not only does Friend Sally love the park, she knows all the history in great detail.  She even knows that the clock over the archway is set to the time that Walt passed away.  All these little details made for a really amazing day.  The only I could contribute was the little trick musicians use to make pianos sound old-time.  They put thumbtacks in the hammers.  They have a piano tricked out like that at Disneyland.  

So, without further ado (not adieu), I present the photo essay from yesterday.  Some images brazenly stolen off the internet.  Some not.

disney sally 15

The Abraham Lincoln exhibit has been completely redone.  It is amazing!  Watching him stand there and talk makes you feel like you are seeing the real guy!  Plus, it’s 15 minutes long and it was a nice break in the air conditioning.

disney sally 3

We stopped for a Dole Whip.  It’s pineapple something that tastes divine!  And dairy-free!

disney sally 2 

So content after the Dole Whip.  I think it’s called Nirvana.

 disney sally 4

We rode the old train around the park.  It was really fun.  Naturally, Sally knew all about the guy the train was named for.  Fred Gurley.  Now I know about Fred Gurley too.  And tacks in piano hammers.

disney sally 5

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is now open!  YAY!  It was fun!  Smoother and bigger.

disney sally 6

It’s not a trip to Disneyland without a ride on the Jungle Cruise.  Tigers!  Head hunters!  Oh my!

disney sally 7

Riding this proves that C.S. Lewis dropped acid.

disney sally 8

To infinity….and beyond!  Go Buzz!  My laser gun wasn’t working right.  Sally scored 37,000 points and I scored 3,200.  I know I wasn’t THAT bad!

disney sally 9

Yo ho, yo ho!  A pirate’s life for me!  This was closed for a few hours but then it reopened and we go to go!  Captain Jack was too busy to join us.  Maybe next time.

disney sally 10

Indiana Jones!  Oh, how I love Indiana Jones!  Seatbelts most definitely required for this one.

disney sally 12

This is so over the top it defies description.  It’s a small world after all!  Everybody sing!  147 times!

disney sally 13

Cool authentic vintage vehicles scoot around the park.  How fun is that?

disney sally 1

My feeble attempt to photo bomb Sally.  I look more like a vampire with my sights on her neck.

disney sally 14

Yes, we climbed into Dumbo and let a stranger take this photo.  I’m so glad she didn’t scamper off with my cell phone.  I just bought a new case.  I was one of the few women in the park NOT wearing Mickey ears.  I would prefer a Tigger hat but they don’t come in my size.  XXXXL.

disney sally 11

Stopped at Capriotti’s in Irvine for dinner.  It felt good to eat some healthy food after all the crap we consumed in the park.

And that is all.  Until next time.

We drove 200 miles and walked at least another 200 miles (or so it seemed).  9 hours on the Disneyland grounds.  I was a baked potato when I finally turned off the lights and slid into bed.  

Until next time.


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25 responses to “A Day at Disneyland

  1. susanna

    Looks like a great day. I went back and read a bunch of your blogs tonight. It was such fun.

  2. I can remember as a little kid watching Mickey Mouse Club etc and drooling over Disneyland. California might as well have been Mars, a trip there was impossible to even imagine. I finally made it when I was 35 years old. I rode Space Mountain twice.

  3. poundheadhere

    Hooray for a day off – and a trip to Disneyland to go along with it! Lucky you 😀

  4. So glad you had too much fun. 🙂 I too am a Disneyland addict. Did you know that you can ride in the cab of the train on your birthday? 🙂 I love both sides. G and I used to have passes. 🙂

  5. Valerie

    I think maybe Lewis Carroll was a little high when he wrote AiW…

  6. joanie

    You both look like you’re having the time of your life. It would be impossible to NOT have a good time at Disneyland. (Oh, unless you had to bring the kids! LOL)

  7. goatbarnwitch

    sounds like fun. I have never gone to a disney park but if I do it will be CA version rather than FL. I just have a feeling about it being better. Love the pics… did Lincoln do the Gettysburg address?

  8. Glad you had a fun day! Love Sally’s sunglasses ~ so cute! And learning little trivia facts must have been fun. Here’s one….my aunt Norma was asked to join the Walt Disney artists to create cartoons but she turned it down because he wasn’t well known at that time and she was a single mother..

  9. Patty O'

    The first time I was there the Matterhorn was still scaffolding. LONG time ago! My father did business with Disneyland and occasionally attended meetings there. That means I know where the secret dining room is located. According to Dad the food – and drink – was top drawer and the surroundings/furnishings were dark polished wood and elegant like an old “gentlemen’s club”, and those days, men only. Grrrr…

  10. Are there still hippos wiggling their ears on the Jungle Cruise? I, the “untraveled one,” actually visited Disneyland, when it was the only Disney theme park. I think it was 1964. 😎

  11. bholles

    Glad you had fun.

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