Big Ass Snake

Captain’s Log   5,898

This is why I don’t go into the wilderness in the summer to geocache.


Big metal snake sculpture by Ricardo Breceda – installed in the community park in Jacumba Hot Springs, California (an hour east of San Diego)

Granted, real rattlers aren’t this big, but I am still askeered of them!  Keep my distance!  The historical group I belong to is having an event in the town with the big metal snake in October.  I will make sure to get a selfie with the snake.

Breceda is quite an artist.  A large amount of his work is on display in our local deserts.  Check out the serpent/dragon thing.


So big it spans the highway.

serpent 2

Grandma Serpent/Dragon Thing, what big mouth tendrils you have!

This is very cool stuff, and I am really looking forward to spending the day in Jacumba Hot Springs!


There it is.  The whole town.    280 people.  And a giant metal snake.


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10 responses to “Big Ass Snake

  1. poundheadhere

    When I was a teen we lived hiking distance from a mountain, and hike it I did. When my kids were little we went fishing off of the dams. More than once we had some close encounters with venomous snakes. I’d prefer not to encounter them, but neither do I panic and avoid the great outdoors in order to avoid them.

  2. susanna

    That sculpture is awesome. What a genius person to create such a gorgeous, intricate thing. I want it to be in Balboa Park, in and out of the grass and scaring the dragon poo out of the little ones, no really, I think they would love it. It’s out there no where and too fabulous for it’s setting. That’s another thing about you I love, you find these great things and share them.

  3. I have always wanted to try geocaching, but around here we are largely free of dangerous snakes. I have heard that they are out there, but in all of my time in the woods, I have never been threatened.

  4. I remember the snake that crossed the road. Reminds me of Game of Thrones now! LOL

  5. Patty O'

    My favorite snakes are the sculpted kinds. At Mission Trails Regional Park we are over-blessed. Along with all the “good” snakes (gopher, king, etc.) we also have THREE different species of rattlesnakes. People are wise to NOT poke about beneath rocks and stay on the trails. It is even wiser to keep beloved dogs ON A LEASH. It is a City Ordinance, too, but critical for protecting pets from their natural desire to poke about and sniff. Mr. Breceda’s snakes are WONDERFUL! I can hardly wait to see the Big Guy in Jacumba!

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