Ice Bucket Challenge

Captain’s Log   5,896

Not much going on except this.  I woke myself up doing this shortly after 7:00 AM.


And that is all. It’s house cleaning day. Mopping floors, doing windows, dusting. What a foolish little dolt I am.


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11 responses to “Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. poundheadhere

    I’m not sure I’d survive the ice dunking. I’m up for donating WITHOUT going through a bucket of ice water, though. My mother died of ALS. You don’t have to convince me.

  2. joanie

    Crazy girl! Best bedhead ever, tho

  3. No one nominated me for this; I am much too old for this type of stunt. Allow me to honor my son, however, who did the challenge. His little girls added the ice. 😎 And then he wrote a healthy check and told everyone that’s what he’ll do in the future.

  4. Patty O'

    You are a brave girl! Have you seen Patrick Stewart’s version? The elegant Sir Patrick put two proper ice cubes in a glass and poured some lovely Scotch whiskey over them…and wrote a nice check. I like his style and will do the same. So thanks for the challenge. I will challenge my 3 children.

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