Captain’s Log   5,895

I saw these in the store the other day.  I wonder how long it would take people to realize I was wearing them.


Handerpants.  Brilliant.

When I lived in the Twin Cities, I once drove all the way across Saint Paul AND Minneapolis dressed in a Santa suit.  Not one person even noticed.  Not one.  I once drove all the way across San Diego dressed like Elvis.  Not one person even noticed.  Not one.

Handerpants might be a big waste of money.  They are far more subtle than either Santa or Elvis.  Then again, I might be able to wear them to fancy cocktail parties because nobody ever pays any attention to me at those damn things anyway.  It could be my private joke.

“Nobody here knows I am wearing Handerpants.”

I might get a big chuckle out of that.  At least for a time or two.

Maybe I will get some and wear them when I write this journal.


Could be my own private little secret – wearing Handerpants when I blog

That’s as quirky as guys wearing ladies panties under their duck hunting pants.  Or when they rope a steer.


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20 responses to “Handerpants

  1. poundheadhere

    I think handerpants are cute, in a warped kind of way. I’d wear them to work in a heartbeat, but I’d probably start a trend, lol.

  2. Are we glad it’s Saturday?

  3. Do you have to wear bigger gloves once you get to the period?

  4. Do you have to put on big Handerpants every time you get to the period?

  5. Patty O'

    Hmmm…from the large hands and hairy arms I assume those are the men’s version. I wonder if the ladies’ version is pink and shorter? But then they wouldn’t be handwarmers, would they? They also might be pink and have ruffles Hopefully no thongs between your fingers, though.

  6. Acorn Hill Farm

    Have you seen the hair bkini thing? http://www.buzzfeed.com/krystieyandoli/men-shaving-their-chest-hair-into-bikini-tops-is-the-trend-y
    Pretty strange although hand undies is up there in the same range of strange lol

  7. I have seen similar objects (without the imprint) advertrised for working in chilly locations when you need your fingers in spite of the cold. (Example: typing in an office where the landlord keeps the heat at an even 60 degrees.)

    Nobody would notice. In an office where we were advised to dress “casual,” I wore a T-shirt of zebras from the San Diego Zoo. I’m sure you’ve seen them, but they’re a rarity here — two zebras face to face on the front and tail to tail on the back. Not one person in about sixty, in a crowded office said a word.

    My granddaughters think that shirt is the funniest thing.

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Can’t quite figure out what use they have?

    Pen Pen

  9. bholles

    I dare you to wear these.

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