Play Doh and Sand….No No

Captain’s Log   5,894

There are things I just don’t understand.  Bottled water is one.  Unless your tap water is truly knocky or you are crossing the Sahara on a mule, I don’t see the need.  

As the old folk song says…..

I’ll eat when I’m hungry

I’ll drink when I’m dry

If the hard times don’t kill me

I’ll live til I die

I drink out of taps.  I have even scooped water in my hands from melting ice in a beer cooler.  I have bottled water in my house but I rarely use it myself.  It’s for guests and it’s also part of what I need if the Big One comes and I am buried in the rubble for a week or so.

Sometimes, I tempt fate and drink right out of the hose.   So far so good.

And now, as if regular sand wasn’t enough fun, toymakers everywhere are producing this stuff.

kinetic sand

Sand infused with Play-Doh

It’s like sculpting material.  It holds its shape.  It’s supposed to be fun.

I have issues with this.  For one thing, sand is supposed to be sand!  You are supposed to play with sand outdoors!  You are supposed to be having fun in a natural environment.  Sand does not belong in the house.  That is one reason why I don’t appreciate cats.  Litter is mostly sand.  It belongs on the beach or at the playground.  But I digress…..

This is yet another reason to let our kids stay in the house.  Go outside and play in the damn sand!  Go to the beach and figure out how to make castles the hard way!  We make everything too easy these days.  You want perfection, pick up a package of kinetic sand.  You want to learn about engineering and design, go to the beach with a bucket and shovel.

Play Doh is okay.  It was developed in the 1930’s as a wallpaper cleaner.  I never really thought about cleaning wallpaper until I learned this.  My mom just used to dust our wallpaper and we got along just fine.  Sometimes, we would dust the wallpaper and reward ourselves with a big long drink of cold water from the hose.  Not really, but you can see how the point can be made.

The best thing about Play Doh is its distinctive smell.  Nothing like it anywhere in the world.  It’s kind of pleasant.  It smells like plastic cookies.  I think a Play Doh air freshener for the car would be a really good idea.  Better than those stupid scents like  Waving Palms or Seashell Breezes.  Who makes up that shit?  Probably the same guys who make up the names for all those paint sample things.

Some things were meant to go together.

Cherry & Coke

Tom & Jerry

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato

Mac & Cheese

Root Beer & Float

Cagney & Lacey

But never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine….Play Doh & Sand.

I have a busy day.  What a surprise.  Time to go.


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18 responses to “Play Doh and Sand….No No

  1. Sandbox here too.
    Water. Please do not drink melted ice water. Both G and I did that one train trip out to the hinterlands and got a great attack of food poisoning. I do taps, I do tap water, I do plastic, I don’t ever again do melted ice water.

  2. poundheadhere

    Play doh and sand also works for those of us who live where summers are too hot for kids to play outdoors – as in, it can kill them. Parents have to be imaginative at best in those scenarios.

  3. I agree that our kids don’t have any idea of how much fun imagination can be. They don’t have draw ~ there are computer programs for that, they don’t have to read ~ there is TV and audio books for that ~ their toys talk to them, they don’t have to do much creatively either. They don’t have to learn to tie their shoes because there is velcro for that. They don’t have to learn to write cursive and they don’t have to learn math because there are calculators for that…..I still like the “good old days”.

  4. susanna

    I remember those sand castles; just the right amount of water to make the bridge hold.

  5. Patty O'

    When I was a child we had a sandbox in the backyard. It was for the entertainment of my profoundly developmentally disabled baby sister and she loved it. Alas, she also had PICA, which is the unfortunate compulsion to consume inedible items – pennies, buttons, or truly dangerous things like open safety pins or bits of glass. In her case she focused on the sand in her sandbox. On the up side she had the cleanest colon in town. However, there was a constant struggle to keep inedible things far worse than sand out of the sandbox. A locking cover was absolutely essential. Start with neighborhood cats and figure it out for yourselves. Believe me, the occasional rodent hair is a LOT better…

  6. joanie

    Eww, not so sure about the drinking from the hose anymore. We used to do it all the time as kids. We also used to have a lot of unexplained stomach aches….maybe toxic effects from hose drinking.? I gotta know…I’m looking this up.

  7. Valerie

    Tracy and Hepburn

  8. Paula — Ease up, relax! Playing with Play Doh and sand on a pallet in the middle of the living room floor on a rainy day at the beach sounds like loads of fun to me! There are many, many lenses through which (good grammar, eh?) to see the world.

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