Huffy Hippie

Captain’s Log   5,883

I was thinking about exits after yesterday’s entry.  I made a large exit once and it backfired.

Long story short……I was asked to leave a grocery store because I looked like a hippie and I wasn’t pushing a cart.  The manager assumed I was going to steal a can of Veg-All.  

veg all

Why would I want to steal this?  It’s gross now and it was gross back in 1978!

So…..anyway….I got huffy.  Nothing worse than a huffy hippie.  I was righteously indignant and after yelling at the manager, I attempted a dramatic storming out of the front door of the store.  Only problem was I attempted to storm out of the wrong door.  The doors were electric and it didn’t budge.  I smacked into it with full force.  I had to back up, apologize to the checkers and customers who were standing there with mouths agape, and go through the exit.  By then I had lost my steam and everything was pretty darn lame.

Moral of the story – If you are going to make a dramatic exit, make sure you go through the right door.

Speaking of doors…..  I had to use the loo the last time I was on Shelter Island.  I forgot that the stalls have no doors.  That might be okay for guys, but women like more privacy.  So everybody wanders through really fast with eyes averted.  I guess it’s okay to avert eyes in a restroom without doors because you can’t really run into anything.  Toilets in Europe have doors that completely enclose the stall floor to ceiling.  It’s like your own private bathroom.  Very nice.

Nice bathrooms in Europe but it’s hard to get a glass of water in a restaurant.  Someday I will tell the famous tale of ordering water in an Italian restaurant when I was in Amsterdam recently.  By the time we got the water, I was sure the owner of the restaurant had spit in it.

Facebook is acting up this morning, ruining my fun.  They are always trying to improve it.  Grrrrr.  I cannot play my word games.  Grrrr.

I met some friends Betty and Pam last night at a pizza place where you choose your crust, sauce, and ingredients.  It was quite fun.


You can get an entire ball of fresh mozzarella clumped all over your pizza.  I did just that.  The copper container holds olive oil they put on the crust to minimize burning in the really really REALLY hot ovens.  The dish behind the copper container holds fresh oregano.  They twirl it over your pizza for a lovely, fresh sprinkle.

I’m not a very adventurous eater, but this was fun!  The place is hard to find.  It’s located BEHIND another restaurant in a little strip mall.  Location location location.


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15 responses to “Huffy Hippie

  1. I don’t remember hitting a wall on my way out. I did leave a few jobs in a huff tho. The pizza idea looks great. Where is this location? Hugs….

  2. Patty O'

    You must also never stride off, head high, and turn an ankle, thereby falling off your high heeled shoes. Ruins the effect altogether.

  3. poundheadhere

    Sometimes burning bridges is the right thing to do, even when it entails exiting through the wrong door.

  4. Susanna

    As teenagers, friend of mine and I exited a large department store layered with unpaid for clothing. We thought we had a good thing going and tried it a second time. We were taken to the managers office and given all the details of what life in the pen is like. It was a scared straight moment and we left knowing that was the end of taking anything, anywhere, anytime. Very humbling.

  5. poolagirl

    Sad when people don’t care.

  6. I always say “don’t burn any bridges” because you never know when you might have to come back. But I do like the visual of you and the electric door.

  7. Cant wait to hear what store it was.

  8. I once left a temp job angrily — especially angry because I had worked there for a year, and no one even said goodbye, let alone good luck.

    There was a crash as I left, which no one noticed either. Nothing serious — I had a coffee mug in my bag and I swung it against the wall as I left. As hard as I had worked, 40 hours’ worth in a 30-hour week, for $10 an hour, no one gave a damn. (Until they called six months later and asked me to come back. I didn’t.) I told myself, at least I had left like a lady.

  9. Valerie

    Your story made me laugh out loud! I’ve never tried a big exit and if I ever think that I want to – I’m going to remember that!

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