Ugly Nail Bling

Captain’s Log   5,880

I am so glad that I am still a quasi-musician.  It has certainly stopped me from entertaining the idea of doing something so truly awful.


Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth

duck nails 2

And this is supposed to be……………..???????????

duck nails 3

Beyond hideous!

I once watched a hand surgeon remove a nail from a co-worker who had injured herself badly when the acrylic got caught on something and peeled the whole thing back to the nail bed.  He lectured her about the danger of this very thing and strongly encouraged her to have them all removed.  Did she?  No.  The nail actually survived and as soon as it was long enough, she was back to doing the same thing.

Every now and then I get on a fingernail soapbox.  Like today, for example.  If you have these, STOP wearing them!  The injury is not worth it.


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17 responses to “Ugly Nail Bling

  1. Nothhing normal here. We do have a bag of goodies for you tho.

  2. aaaaaaaaaaargghhh…. nail injuries gross me out.
    Not sure if I feel this nail decolletage is just for attention or considered “art”… but, it sure is gawdy. I’d be afraid of getting one of those decorative pieces stuck (hence the nail injury grossed outness) or melting to my skin… meh, bleh, gak.

  3. poundheadhere

    I did bright coral nail polish once. That was too much bling for me.

  4. Patty O'

    When I had my gift shop I began two new practices: having my nails professionally done and wearing more and brighter makeup. A wise friend told me that I had my hands in people’s visual range all the time and they needed to look good. Also, I wore very little and quite pale makeup. She said that was fine if I was sitting across a table from someone at lunch, but when a customer walked into my shop I could be 25 or 30 feet away. Even if I looked directly at the person neither my eyes nor my smile could be seen. I learned quickly that she was absolutely correct. But the nails? Silk wraps ONLY, because silk BREATHES. Acrylics and gels do not. That is not good for your nails. Women who have suffered from a nail fungus have learned that. Silks only! They do give added strength to nails but they are not dangerous.

  5. I tried acrylics for about a year until I got worried because the “tech” who didn’t speak English, of course, would use an electric wheel to grind the real nails to a very thin level. I got scared about the health of my own nails so I removed them and worked for many months to get them back to normal. I have nails that tend to break easily (but once I started eating more veggies, my nails are long and harder than they have ever been! Love that!

  6. I use acrylic but keep my nails short. Typists know why. The advantage here is that the manicure lasts until I need another. I can no longer see well enough to do my own nails on a regular basis. (When I try to focus, I see double. So which hole do I put the brush into?)

  7. Penny Tushingham

    the amount of money people spend on these nails could be donated to a non-profit and make more of a difference in the world than crazy ugly nails!

    My two-cents!

    Pen Pen

    • poolagirl

      Love your two cents!

      • I am guilt as charged. I am an acrylic nail wearer but mine are pretty darn short because I work outside. I was a chronic nail biter. Nothing I did stopped me until I had set of acrylic put on.

        Now I don’t use the artificial nail — it’s just the acrylic over my own nail.

        I don’t understand crazy bling either. But I am guilty of being a seasonal nail decorator:)

        And I can’t play the piano or guitar with long nails or squeeze zits!

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