The Big Con Hits Town

Captain’s Log    5,880

So Comic Con has hit San Diego.  Can you believe it all started 44 years ago in the basement of a hotel?  It’s quite a lot bigger now.  A WHOLE lot bigger, with more than 125,00 people attending.  WOW!  I have never been inside Comic Con.  I have only been on the streets surrounding the convention center – watching the zombies and gladiators running around in character.  Huge fun.  I’ve seen costumed characters get off the trolley near my house, and I am in awe.

Then again, I love to play dress-up.  I would SO do this if I had the chance.

Dress up is the name of the game.

comic con 2

Well-behaved mob obviously waiting for something.  Look at the detail on that guy’s leather armor!  Lot the extra-large ram horns in the back too.  Wouldn’t want to butt heads with him!

comic con 1

Every super hero needs some cheek blood.

comic con 3

Okay.  Creeped out now.  Very creeped out.

In addition to all the costumes, there are panels that everybody wants to attend.  Some are more popular than others.  My favorite Game of Thrones character was here yesterday.  Love Tyrion!  Played by Peter Dinklage.

comic con 4

I wonder if George Martin will kill him off soon…..  Hope not.

And Benedict Cumberbatch is here too.  In addition to having one of the coolest real names EVER, he is also a very nice man.  Apparently, he is completely enamored with Comic Con and stops to talk to people.  How sweet is that?  He isn’t jaded yet.  They all get jaded sooner or later.  I think jaded-ness comes with the territory.

benedict cumberbatch

Still a nice guy, that Benedict Cumberbatch.  Maybe his cool name will save him from eventual asshole-ness.

I don’t think Morgan Freeman is jaded.  He sucked helium with Jimmy Fallon.  That’s a clear indication he is probably not an asshole.


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16 responses to “The Big Con Hits Town

  1. poundheadhere

    You should go at least once, on principle

  2. I can just see you all decked out in your Capt Jack outfit with some steampunk accessories! Hope your friends can get a ticket for you some day.

  3. Patty O'

    Anyone can attend but tickets go fast and be hard to get. What I like best if that these folks are having FUN and they ARE well-behaved. In spite of some of the scary costumes they are not there to cause trouble. But it can be odd to have a guy at the next table in restaurant be a Storm Trooper…

  4. bholles

    It would be fun to go just for a day.

  5. Ter

    I would love to go one day. It’s on the bucket list!

  6. Can just anyone go, or is there a limit on tickets, or do you have to know someone. We’re in the wrong part of the country, of course, but I know a lot of people who wish they were in San Diego.

  7. Penny Tushingham

    You should take the day off and go!

    Pen Pen

  8. Joel

    I went once to Comic Con many years ago, I think everyone should go once. It is a non drug trip.

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