Paris Cookies Are the Bomb!

Captain’s Log   5,879

My friend, Betty, is an amazing baker.  Look what she made for a party!  Just look at these!

paris cookies

Paris sugar cookies!  Are these the cutest things ever?  Ever?????

You can find her blog on my right navigation bar.  Sugar Bundle Betty.  Check it out.

I have no skills cooking or baking so I will just go to work.  Thank you.


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24 responses to “Paris Cookies Are the Bomb!

  1. Beautiful….I have no patience for things like that. I would do one or two and then be tired of it all.

  2. Susanna


  3. Wow! A tip o’ my massive toque to a real pastry artiste!

  4. Patty O'

    For a holiday open house about a decade ago a friend made individually wrapped giant ornament cookies that were similarly decorate with all white and gold frosting and little gold balls (can’t recall the proper name). They were spectacular and there were enough for all 50 guests to take one home. There was only one problem: she was a brilliant DECORATOR but not a good BAKER. All guests reported that the cookies themselves tasted awful! Oops!

  5. Almost too pretty to eat. I’ll bet her Christmases are quite amazing.

  6. purplygems

    awwwww, thank you Paula. I had fun painting these. Come paint with me sometime.

  7. Patti

    well, now, by name alone I should have one!

  8. bholles

    These are so beautiful.

  9. Penny Tushingham

    Those are incredible!

    Pen Pen

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