No Pay Day

Captain’s Log   5,879

3,350 people at our No Pay Day yesterday.  But who was counting?  GAAAAAA!

free tuesday 3

Let’s all go the museum for a truly horrendous visitor experience!  YAY!

Free Tuesday 2

Let’s stand in a long line to get in because…’s free!  YAY!

And then let’s complain because it’s too crowded and we are taxpayers who deserve something better!  YAY!

Let’s refuse to leave our strollers at the entrance!  YAY!

Let’s bring our enormous pit bull with us and claim it’s a service dog!  YAY!

Let’s look annoyed when Captain Poolie yells from the mezzanine at us for touching the cars.  And we are forty years old!   YAY!

Let’s just walk away from our kids and let them tear ass all over the museum!  YAY!

I thought we had it bad.  The museum next door has a fountain in the center of its large rotunda.  Apparently, someone let their kid play in that water.  Before anyone could stop it, more kids got in the water.  The plants and surrounding landscape were all trashed – and they had wet and dripping kids running around the museum.  These days are NOT fun!  I wish the city council who demands that we do this would come and pay a visit during one of these awful days.  About 50% of the people who show up are really nice.  The other half are freeloaders with a huge sense of entitlement.  I really don’t get it.  I would NEVER take my child to something like this.  It’s too crowded and very tiring for little ones. 

I especially like the YMCA day camps that come through with 60 kids at a time.  60 kids who don’t care a whit about what’s going on. They just slog through the exhibits and are only waiting for fruit roll-up snacks once the boring stuff is over.  Why bring those kids on such a busy day?  Those kids can come to the museum any time and we would give them a special tour that would of interest to them.  We cannot offer tours on a day like yesterday.  Nobody would ever hear what a guide had to say.

I can only hope that the August numbers are less.


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23 responses to “No Pay Day

  1. Susanna

    The once a month free days should be for groups that sign up ahead of time who take disadvantaged kids or persons in SUPERVISED GROUPS. Letting in all the :gimmies” for free is not the way to go. I like the 2 dollar Tue. idea. Give something or plan ahead for your group that is GRATEFUL for the experience. And limit the numbers roaming around. Do you have to adhere to an umbrella policy for Balboa Park museums?

  2. I am so sorry about all this. Thanks for taking pictures. You give a great gift to the city by just being there. Bravo.

  3. Joan

    I think of you every morning around 9:30… I am still in bed and my IPOD makes a chirping noise … and I guess when I joined bitstrips I said I wanted to hear when people were posting one. It’s always you lol. Probably 10:30 your time … are you on your coffee break? Haaaaaaaaaa. I have the Ipod beside the bed because I tune into my fav podcast at that time … and like the lazy retired layabout I am these days…. I lay there are laugh my ass off to the two guys who do it.

    • poolagirl

      No, you are going the wrong way with the time. It’s usually about 7:30 AM for me when I post a Bitstrip (or two). I’m in sleepy pants and a t-shirt, often working on some sort of report I need to do for the museum, etc. I wish I could take a coffee break at the museum. Way too busy for that. I usually hit the door about 10:00 in the morning and stay until 6:00 in the evening. No breaks. Not even lunch unless I am going out to meet someone for a meeting. It’s a very challenging job. Retirement is looking better and better. Hope it happens sooner than later.

  4. Completely sloughing off any expressions of sympathy over your angst, I instead note the sign in your first photo which says “MOTORCYCLES”. Motorcycles! Is there a list on line of the specimens you have? (Oh, and, uh, yeah. Sorry you had to deal with cretins. Again.)

  5. I am so sorry. I remember the days when people would say to my husband ~ I pay your salary.” and he would say “Could I have a raise?” When it’s free, the worst of society comes out for sure. And want more too!

  6. maryz

    Dare I say, at least it’s only once a month.

  7. Patty O'

    At least they don’t shoplift or break things and you don’t have to gift wrap ANYTHING!

  8. After dealing with people at farmers markets and wine and food festivals I deeply feel you. I really shouldn’t be out around that sector of the public anymore – I might hurt someone

  9. Ah, the joys of hearing, “I pay your salary.” And wanting to respond, “not nearly enough.”

  10. farmgirl

    Peoples actions bewilder me all the time….all the time.

  11. bholles

    Sounds like an awful day.

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