These Are Good Days

Captain’s Log   5,875

Imagine this.


Our “new” museum run-around car!

YAY!  This company is updating its fleet and offered to GIVE us one these little guys!  I am so excited!  It’s all electric and gets 40 miles to a charge.  Perfect for running around.  The added bonus is we have 9 charging stations right in front of the museum.  Oh happy day!

This will be great!  We are going to put our logo on it.  I will drive it around to meetings and stuff.  How cute is that?

I also went out to a car dealer yesterday and renegotiated some stuff.  Instead of a $474 a month lease for a new truck, they are practically donating a used truck that was maintained by them every 5,000 miles.  Much better deal.

I had a chance to re-connect with an old friend last night.  Dr. Danny and I have been friends since 1991.  That makes him the oldest friend I made here in San Diego.  We went over all the old times – good and weird.  It was delightful.  After a lovely dinner of cheese lasagna and eggplant Parmesan, we came back to the house and ate coconut bars on the patio – for another a few hours.  Such fun.  I love moments like that.

I am having dinner tonight with some friends who just returned from Spain where they had been living the last two years.  They just took off and lived in Spain.  I really admire them for doing that.  They are definitely living life to the max.  They sold their house and are now looking to buy something else.  In the meantime, they are living with relatives here in town for a few more months.  These two just fly off of cliffs and know they will sprout wings.  They are the two of the most inspirational people I know.

So blessed.  So lucky.    One of my favorite songs.  I even sang it in a church once.


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10 responses to “These Are Good Days

  1. Love the little car and you will enjoy driving it, I am sure. Notre Dame has about 6 of them with ND logo all over them. They are navy blue and gold (ND’s colors) and look so cute parked in front of some of the shops by Notre Dame.

  2. Susanna

    It’s like a little pet car. Still a puppy. So cute!

  3. It’s enough to make me want a car — I love the whole concept.

  4. maryz

    A friend has a shiny black Smart Car (not electric, though). They got it to pull behind their RV (because it’s so light). She likes it a lot.

  5. Penny Tushingham

    That car is too cute!

    Pen Pen

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