Asshat in Georgia

Captain’s Log   5,872

How do you “forget” that your child is in the back seat of a hot car?  How do you “forget” that for seven hours?  I can see leaving the ketchup on the counter or forgetting to put away the milk…….but your child?  Not buying the story from the asshat in Georgia at all.  Not one stinking little bit.

When I worked at the theatre, it was no uncommon for people to “forget” to pick up their kids.  I can understand that to a certain point.  Which parent was supposed to do that……and the communication got screwed up.  We never put the kids in hot cars to wait for their parents, however.  We never “forgot” that they were in our care.  But more often than not, parents conveniently “forgot” to pick up their kids because they were busy.  In some cases, they really didn’t like their kids or even want their kids.  It was so obvious.

So we instituted a policy.  Unless previous arrangements were made, the parents were charged $1 per minute (after five minutes) for being late.  We had credit cards on file and would run their cards.  It’s funny how that kind of thing improves memory.  One night, we waited four hours for someone to pick up a kid.  The parents each had two phone numbers, grandma, the aunt, the nanny.  We called everyone.  Finally, about 8:00 at night, the dad came down.  I was not there, but the director was LIVID!  The dad simply paid the $240 fee and thought nothing of it.

We then discussed this with the police.  Here in San Diego, if a child is not picked up within 15 minutes, it is considered child abandonment.  We are now supposed to call the police and they will come get the child.  Every parent is now aware of this rule.  Unless previous arrangements are made, the child will be taken into custody.  It’s amazing what a little threat of police action can do.

But why do we have to go to that point?  I don’t understand.  People should have a license to reproduce.  And they should renew that license every two years.  Stories like what happened in Georgia are simply beyond belief.  And then to lie about it.  And now his wife has retained a criminal attorney.  This one is far from over.


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17 responses to “Asshat in Georgia

  1. farmgirl

    As ugly as this sounds…I heard the dad had looked up online how long it takes for a child/pet to survive in a hot car? Not sure that true but wow…if was???

  2. In the middle of all the world chaos, this is the saddest thing of all.

  3. There are some very ugly and unfeeling people out there who never think about what they have done and how it has impacted a child.

  4. It is beyond logical. You have to pay for a license if you have a dog. You have to go through a screening as well as pay their vet’s checkup before you may adopt a cat.

    But any damned fool can make babies forever and no one cares until it’s too late. (One of my professors told us about a man who had fathered at least a dozen kids, all of whom were living at the training school down the road from the college because they were not capable of living on the outside. No one ever stopped him.)

  5. maryz

    Because of proximity, we’re getting a lot of that news story. There’s a lot of suspicion that this was a deliberate act, not an “accident”, due to what they’re finding out now about this man. Worse than awful.

  6. Patty O'

    They have discovered that he previously researched Child Death in Hot Cars on the internet. You’re right; it’s not over yet…

  7. Valerie

    Terrible, terrible thing. I can’t bring myself to imagine how awful it was for that little boy. I worked in a daycare for awhile and our policy was $1 per minute also – except it had to be paid in cash and given directly to the staff member who stayed with the child.

  8. bholles

    That was such a sad story.

  9. Penny Tushingham

    Turns my stomach and I try and focus on more positive things each and every day.

    Pen Pen

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