Off to the Nutty Place

Captain’s Log   5,870

If you can’t take a joke, I am no longer interesting in chasing you down to explain it was a joke.   If people aren’t smart enough to know I am kidding……well……


I couldn’t find a decent photo of someone sticking another person with a fork.  It was all about chicken or preparing baked potatoes.  So I chose this bat over the head graphic instead.  POW!

I went to a theatre company meeting last night.  Since I am no longer on any sort of creative team with this group, it was interesting to just sit back and watch the process unfold.  It’s good for me to sit back and watch.  I had enough years at the helm.  I am just coasting along with this one now.  I agreed to do anything that doesn’t involve directing or being in any position of authority.  I turned down working at a Family Day event in August too.  I really DO have to work that day (volunteer picnic).  I could have made it to the Family Day later in the afternoon, but I really don’t want to sit in a tent and hand out frisbees.  I would rather flip veggie burgers for the museum volunteers.  With my life as busy as it is, I cherish time away from responsibilities.  I just want to chill.  Show up.  Do the deal.  Go home.  I used to have a frantic need to stay busy.  That is dissipating nicely.  Kind of like the smell of cooked cabbage when you open your doors and windows.  

I also heard from someone who is now in my past.  Thank goodness.  Not goodness that I heard from this person – goodness that it’s all in the past.


The contact came as a sugar-coated thank you for a small favor.  As if I am stupid enough to fall for something like that.  I sent back some sugar.  I can do it too.  

The new person we hired looked out the window yesterday and wanted to know why three big city trucks were parked in the back yard at 4:10 (completely blocking her car).  The guys were all standing around talking and joking.  I explained that they are hourly workers who goof off all the damn time back there.  Pretty much every day.  It is common to find them sleeping in their trucks in the middle of the day too.  Sometimes for several hours.  Yes, indeed.  These guys earn $45 an hour to chat under the eucalyptus trees.  At exactly 4:25, they started up the trucks and drove away – to arrive at the garage promptly at 4:30 to end their shift.  We’ve also found the police back there doing the same thing.  For some reason, they think we cannot see them from our windows.   I once took a photo of a guy actually hanging a blanket over his windshield and side windows so he could sleep better for a few hours (or maybe engage in some special alone time).  I shared the photo with the city dude in charge of the park.  He just shrugged.  Nobody cares.

I have never worked for Mr. Big so I don’t know what that must be like.  I suppose if I went out there and poked those guys with a fork……  I would get arrested and hauled off.  They are NOT supposed to park there.  That property is part if the museum’s leasehold, so I really DO have the right to have them removed.  But since nobody in authority cares, there isn’t much I can do.  We have asked them to leave when we are setting up for a special event, and they looked miffed as hell.  Sometimes, we set up traffic cones as a signal to stay away.  They don’t respect that either.

On the flip side, we have Martial Arts Man who practices his moves back there almost every day (after the trucks leave).  He is so limber I swear he can put his foot on his ear.  He’s a lot more entertaining that lazy city workers who stand around scratching themselves and waiting for their shift to end.  Then there is Tape Man, a homeless guy fascinated with tape and staples.  He lives in the park and is always asking us for tape so he can “repair” his plastic grocery bags.  He wears a beanie, shorts, and knee socks.  The first time I saw him, I thought he was a young man from a British boarding school.  And I gladly handed over the tape because he asked very nicely.  Never saw it again.  We avoid him now so he knocks on our car windows and tells us he is angry.  That park is a nutty place.

Off to that nutty place.



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12 responses to “Off to the Nutty Place

  1. poundheadhere

    I just realized how long it’s been since I was here reading your posts. The past few weeks have been my own version of Purgatory. Here’s hoping I can get back into a routine where I can read at least once every few days. I miss keeping up with your posts 😦

  2. Acorn Hill Farm

    Had a whole comment typed and the *&*$#! wordpress decided I wasn’t signed in proper… even with my avatar displayed….. so you get this angry comment from my disgruntled farm presence…. I will try to stuff myself back into a civilized box and comment again….but I know what yer talking about

  3. Acorn Hill Farm

    A friend’s ex used to work for the phone company. Union job and he was encouraged to only complete a particular number of jobs each day… that way the union could justify overtime at a higher rate of pay. If you played along and killed time you were rewarded with additional hours after quiting time and on weekends and holidays to boost the paycheck. I don’t wonder why our utility bills are what they are… of course this justifies hate of unions but unions came into existence for very good reasons that likely need to be revisited right now….. Cabin in the woods off grid looks better and better every day

  4. Patty O'

    Your post rang several big bells for me. 1. I was in retail. I know all about the strange people. Some steal. Some scare people. Some do ghastly things. But as I was told by the police, and I quote: “There ain’t no law against being ugly in public. But some things DO go too far, and the guy who, as you say, “pleasured himself” on merchandise WAS arrested. There is NO insurance coverage for the $1000 of merchandise that had to be thrown in the trash… 2. My father had a bad experience with SDG&E when he had to have an “inspection” done in his new mobile home. They sent a union-mandated 3-man crew. One man never got out of the truck and appeared to be reading a magazine. One man got out and stood beside the truck with his armed crossed. The third man, with his clipboard, came and did the inspection. My father signed it. It took 2 minutes. But you can be sure my father was BILLED for the 1-hour minimum labor for ALL THREE men. He raised Hell and got nowhere. Suggestion: schedule the next spraying of herbicides behind the museum for 4 PM in the afternoon and tell the to spray anything they find back there, including vehicles and personnel.

  5. We have a “special” tenant on our block. Just found out that not only does he dress in female clothing (I’ve seen him for over a year) but now he is knocking on the neighbor’s windows at night, and talking to her daughter who is about 11 yrs old, trying to get her and her little girlfriend to pull up their t-shirts so he could take a picture while he pleasured himself right in front of them.. Police were called and Special Crimes Team is investigating. Big sigh!

  6. Penny Tushingham

    Glad I don’t have to deal with all your “special friends” each and every day. In Montana, you just had to deal with Buffalo!

    Pen Pen

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