Juicing Bandwagon

Captain’s Log   5,868

I was feeling sluggish.  Since I had not juiced since Friday, I wondered if that might have something to do with it.


Kale, spinach, chard, fresh pineapple, and raw pumpkin seeds.  I used some orange juice too.  Pretty pretty.


Now able to leap tall buildings in a single bound

It really DOES make a difference.  I can tell immediately.  Because the pure food is blasted into digestible material immediately, you feel good almost immediately.  Your stomach doesn’t have to work very hard to process this.  It’s instant energy and power.  I drank it down.  Then I cleaned the yard, washed dishes, finished laundry, made hummingbird nectar, and sorted my old magazines.  All before 6:30 this morning.  Truly amazing.

It’s also very pretty.   I have learned to NOT include blueberries in a green juice.  For some reason, they turn everything grey, and it is quite awful to behold.  Things that are awful to behold are not appetizing.  I save my blueberries for red and pink drinks.

I know people who eat mostly processed foods.   They eat packaged cereal bars, microwavable soups, and what we used to call TV dinners, etc.  They also eat at fast food burger joints several times a week.  You reach a point in your life when you really need to stop doing that.  When asked, one person in particular admitted to not having a scrap of fresh food in the house.  Nothing.  No fruits, veggies, or even juice.  Does butter count as a fresh food?  They have butter – that they add to microwave popcorn.  

I grew up with a mom who wasn’t much of a cook, but she really did work to make the best meals she could.  She used real potatoes.  All of our veggies were canned, but that was the way of the world in the Midwest in the 50’s and 60’s.  We got fresh fruits and veggies in the summer.  Tomatoes, sweet corn, rhubarb, beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc.  My mother NEVER served dessert.  We got canned pears most of the time.  I loved the pears but could not abide fruit cocktail.   We never had cookies around the house.  Or cake or pie.  I drank milk at every meal.  Soda was a treat.  We walked 3-4 blocks for soft-serve ice cream in the summer.  We always had bananas.  I spent every fall pilfering apples from the neighbor’s tree.  He never minded that I took them, but I pretended to steal them to add some excitement to my life.  He was actually quite the gardener and showed me how to graft difference species of apples to the same tree.  We also created a hybrid with careful spreading of pollen with Q-Tips.

We never had candy in the house either.  With no candy, cake, pie, or cookies around most of the time, I never developed a taste for sweets.  Candy can sit in my house until it glops together from the heat or the chocolate becomes chalky and weird.  I make cakes and brownies, but I always give them away.  I will share the polite piece of something when friends are over, but that’s it.   I did bring a berry pie to a gathering over the weekend, and it was divine.  I liked it because it wasn’t sweet.  It was tart.  I never go for the mochas or the fraps at coffeeshops either.  Just regular unsweetened coffee is fine for me.  Do not get near me with sweetened and flavored coffee creamer things.  I will stick you with a fork.  Or one of those single-cup machines.  Don’t get me started on that.  I am a French press snob who grinds just the right amount of beans I need for one perfect cup of coffee each morning.  Snob from hell on that one.

Gosh, I just read this.  I sound like some sort of sugar-free coffee snob saint.  That is not what this means.  I was just getting all wound up in how great it felt to juice again this morning, and how grateful I am to not be a sweetie.  Well, I really AM a sweetie, but I am not a sweet freak.  I buy 10 pounds of sugar at a time, and 9.9 pounds of that goes to feeding the hummingbirds.   If sugar could go bad, it would rot in my cupboard.  They way bagged salad rots when you forget you have it and it gets all scrunched up at the bottom of the fresh drawer.  And it starts to turn into some sort of lettuce wine.  And you are so glad it’s in a bag.


I need to get off of this now.  Sorry.

It’s Monday  –  bursting with possibilities and challenges.  That is what I say to myself as I drag my ass to work each week.  One step closer to making this a possibility.


Somewhere along one of the old transcontinental highways.  Cooler full of fresh fruit and veggies.  Plugging in my Nutri Bullet at some campground restroom every morning.  I can see it now.  No agenda.  No schedule.  Ahhhhhhhhhh……….


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11 responses to “Juicing Bandwagon

  1. My dad had a sweet tooth so I grew up with cakes, pies, cookies and such. We didn’t have dinner without dessert. However we DID have a massive back yard garden, so we had fresh veggies all summer and come winter our veggies were home canned, ergo none of the add-ins from the commercial varieties. In the summer time I lived on fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, radishes and corn.

    Very rarely, even with all the challenges in the house, do we have a meal without at least one vegetable. We don’t have a juicer – daughter wants one but my budget doesn’t cover it right now. Maybe this winter.

  2. I knew you could cook. All that bitchin’ and moanin’ earlier was just a ruse to rustle up some sympathy from us.

  3. I don’t juice, but I do eat broccoli or cabbage and other vegetables daily. I guess that works for me. (Endoscopies indicate I have a healthy gut, whatever that means.)
    With or without sugar, you are a sweetie!

  4. While on the Nutrisystem diet plan which is, in my opinion, sometimes rather strange with all the prepacked foods….I have cut out meat almost entirely, eating lots of veggies and now doing some fresh fruit too. I’m going ahead with the 2nd month just to see what happens and then I think I will just rely on my own choices. I’m glad you don’t have sweet tooth ~ it is a killer.

    • Eight years ago I did Nutrisystem for two months and lost 20% of my total weight — not a lot, but all I needed to lose. I ate a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit; this meant walking through the market a couple of times a week, and the exercise helped. What I learned most was correct portions for me, which are much smaller than the mass market offers. Good luck!

    • poolagirl

      It is a killer.

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