Lint Traps

Captain’s Log   5,865

I was thinking about odd things people eat.  In addition to food, some creatures (including humans) eat hair.  When you have a compulsion to do that, it’s called trichophagia.  I think I would be a poor candidate for hair eating.  I think most people would be poor candidates because who wants to swallow hair?  And that’s why the condition is so rare.

Some animals eat hair because they lick themselves.  Like cats, for instance.  Eventually, all that loose hair forms a ball and they hork it up all over your newly-cleaned sofa.  You have to give it to animals.  They really don’t care where they puke.  Or fart, for that matter.  Oh, should we be so free…….

Anyway, when PEOPLE eat hair, they often don’t hork it up.  It sits inside some colon part and forms a nice blockage that usually requires surgical removal.  That block of hair is called a bezoar.  I think it’s pronounced BYE’ SER.  Bezoars can be formed from anything, but most of the time, it’s hair.  Eventually, the hair forms a clog (just like in your shower pipes).  Since running a power snake down someone’s throat isn’t an option, they open up the stomach and take it out.  

Look away now if crap like this offends you.

Look away…………..NOW!



Hairball that has been surgically removed.  Too big for the tray.  No wonder that person had a tummy ache!  Worse than green apples.

Why on earth would I be writing about bezoars?

Because today was the day I changed the lint trap think on the washing machine hose.

lint trap

Looks just like a bezoar, eh?  Except lint instead of hair.

I washed some rugs and the lint trap I put over the hose now looks rather bezoar-ish.

So this is a testimony about how important it is to use lint traps.  When you grow a bezoar, it’s time to change it.  Can you imagine all this crap going down your drain?  Save yourself a large plumbing bill and use a trap.

Now, once the clothes are washed and it’s time to put them into the dryer, I also know you can save the lint to make starters for your fireplace (or campfire).  All you have to do is save up the lint and shove it into empty toilet paper rolls.  Strike a match and stick one of those bad boys onto some kindling and you are good to go.

lint fire starters

Handy little tools to make your life easier around the campfire.  If you would eat this instead of burn it, you would get quite the bezoar!

We used to cut small strips from old garden hoses and toss them into our campfires.  That created incredible blue/green colors in the flames, but it probably also released toxic gases into the atmosphere.  Might explain why I am so weird.

I am keeping a list of discarded household items that can be used for other purposes.  Looking forward to developing all of that into another story someday.


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16 responses to “Lint Traps

  1. poundheadhere

    Coffee grounds and banana peels are great fertilizer for your plants AND help repel unwanted insects without dangerous chemicals. Paper towel rolls can hold plastic bags so you push in from the top and pull out from the bottom. There are a lot of options with leftovers 🙂

  2. poolagirl

    You can grow a nail bezoar!

  3. I don’t understand about the lint trap on the machine. Where and how???? Drain.

  4. Patty O'

    Toilet paper rolls! They must be for a BIG fire. I used to make small ones with a ball of lint wrapped in a small square of waxed paper and twisted like a piece of candy. Waxed paper burns nicely and would ignite the lint. A couple of those in the kindling did a spiffy job, too. Credit goes to: The Girl Scouts circa 1948.

  5. Fortunately for cats, you can give them some cat treats with mineral oil in and the hair passes through into the litter box. My cats have only had one incident of a hair ball……months ago. I clean the lint trap on my dryer every day but didn’t think about the washer…so now I have to get the instructions out and see where that lint trap may be!

  6. Susanna

    I had a beautiful client back when I counseled that pulled her hair out. She was crafty and had little bald spots here and there but none interfered with her beauty. Of course I took the counseling part seriously but we did have a little chuckle after a couple of months of sessions when I suggested she change up her anxiety response and bite her nails instead. Now the question is, what can one do with pieces of nails?

  7. As a child, I never had enough hair to put in my mouth. But never fear, mothers can instill the same fears for (perhaps) the same good reason. “Do not — ever — swallow your bubblegum.”

    Once I get out of the responsibility of my own house, I am never going to have to worry about protecting the drains any more.

    I am sitting here smiling — for a lot of reasons.

  8. Penny Tushingham

    You should have a contest. Provide a picture of something and ask everyone how they could recycle/reuse it and see what people come up with!

    Pen Pen

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