Too Much Time

Captain’s Log   5,863

How many more days until I get some paid time off?  Eight more days!


I live for these moments.  Actually being able to read a book  and savor coffee in the morning is heaven to me.

I have a lot of time on the books.  For the first 4 years I worked at the museum, the guy in charge wouldn’t let me take more than long weekends.  I used that time to visit my mom once a year and not much else.  Consequently, 30 DAYS of vacation piled up pretty quickly for me.  And it keeps accruing.  I have used a lot of time, but knocking down that bank of 30 days is tricky because I really cannot be away from the museum for that long.   I now earn more vacation time per pay period, so I have even more on the books.  

I am a snot about vacation time.  A day off here or there is NOT a vacation.  If I want to use precious vacation time, I don’t want to spend my time cleaning the garage or weeding the garden.  I want to do something fun!  I want to leave the house and sleep away. THAT is vacation to me.  

Next Friday doesn’t count.  It’s a paid holiday.  Poor me.  Too much time on my hands.


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15 responses to “Too Much Time

  1. poundheadhere

    Well look at it this way. By the time you’re ready to retire, you’ll have a nice little nest-egg of PTO as part of your severance package.

  2. You are just too funny. Perhaps you can train one of the minions to do your job….then you won’t worry if you are away.

  3. I know you will use up that time when all your plans are in place….:giggle”

  4. Never had that luxury. I used to save my “vacation days” for things like doctor’s appointments or the Jewish holidays.

    (No employer — in Connecticut, anyway — can refuse to allow an employee to take off the Jewish holidays, but they are not compelled to pay for that time off. At least, they weren’t compelled when I worked those places. As late as the 1980’s, I had to explain the law to our director — and her director — on behalf of another employee. They were all ready to tell her she couldn’t have the day because I had already applied for it.)

  5. Patty O'

    I did it all wrong. I’ve never had a paid vacation in my life..although I did get time off. Then I opened my own business and worked 6 to 6-1/2 days per week for 12 years. NOW I take vacations, but I was a real slow learner…

  6. Penny Tushingham

    What is the next adventure you have planned?

    Pen Pen

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