Happy Happy Happy

Captain’s Log   5,861

I ran across this book again yesterday at Barnes & Noble.


The ongoing symbol of my struggles

I am happy to announce that the Confederacy has been replaced with……

bully free

It’s a whole new world.  It just goes to prove that even when things seem impossible, it’s still important to stand up for what you believe in –  stand your ground.  Don’t be an ass, but don’t quake and be a wimp either.

So I start my week with this…..

I drew a line in the sand and said NO MORE!  Not now.  Not ever to me or anyone in the realm.  Ever.  My voice was heard.  And yes, there are those who think I was wrong for making such a clatter.  There are those who have taken up their tents and moved to another place in the forest.  That is fine.  I learned a long time ago that it’s quite okay to let people go.  It’s quite okay to have people not like you.  It’s their loss.  It’s their fear they choose –  to live small and confined in a world they feel they can control.  Fine.  I bless them and let them go.  Freely.   I just don’t ever want them to come back into my life.  

I also learned that loyalty is not something you demand.  It’s something you command – and you can only command something once you have it.  Leadership is tough.  It can be lonely and disheartening.  It takes patience and the willingness to be wrong.  It means embracing your failure and not letting failure define you.

It also means being willing to surrender and walk away from something even if you think it means the world to you.  That is all fleeting and the pain leaves over time.  We survive.  We adapt.  We grow new wings and rise from the ashes of disappointment and rejection.  We never know how strong we are until we are tested.


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15 responses to “Happy Happy Happy

  1. I can only hope it’s the stand heard ’round the world, as it were. Bullying, in whatever form, demands a strong reply. You don’t have to bully the bullies, but you might need a land mine beneath that line you drew in the sand

  2. Not for anything, but I love the song (it puts me in a good mood) and that video was the bomb! 🙂

  3. Susanna

    I know what ever decision you made it was the right one. I find you to be someone who gives others time to shape up but it looks like time ran out for the offenders. Leaders must now and then kick buttox.

  4. joanie

    Oh wow, I’m jumping up and down!!!! Not just because of that awesome performance of Happy, which always makes me dance, but because you have finally gotten the point across that enough is enough!!! Yay. Yay. Yay for you. Everything I know about you has told me you’re a strong leader. not to mention one of the NICEST AND MOST INTERESTING people in MY realm. Both of those things are very hard to do in the same breath. As much as you are happy that the offenders are gone, you are still blessing them. Hoorah! And with that, once they pitch their tents in whatever part of the forest they end up in, there will most likely be another storm and their tents will get flooded. I’m evil.

  5. Ooh, are you gonna have a great book of your own!

  6. maryz

    You go, Girl!!

  7. Patty O'

    Wow, Paula Girl, you’re on a roll!

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Keep on rolling girl!

    Pen Pen

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