I Am Not Wholesome

Captain’s Log   5,855

I finished this month’s book club selection last night.  Interesting.  I had it figured out from the very beginning, but it was still a nice little read.  I knew the main character/narrator didn’t kill herself because who would have been the narrator?  Had she written it in third person she might have gotten away with it.  But you cannot narrate the book if you are dead…..unless you are Alice Sebold and you are writing The Lovely Bones, which has my vote for one of the best-written books of all time.

Anyway, this one was a bit too romance-ish for my taste.  No accidental stabbings or strange men peeking from behind trees.  No murder.  Absolutely no mayhem.  Not my taste but I was a good sport and I did read it.

never change

Good thing it was short.  Knocked it out in a few hours.  Hydrangeas in a vase and roses painted on the furniture were dead giveaways that this book was going to be on the mushy side.

Elizabeth Berg grew up in Minnesota and has that wonderful wholesomeness about her.  I spent my formative youth years in Minnesota, but I never developed any wholesomeness.  I also never developed the classic MEEN-AH-SO-DAH accent.  But I can flip it on at a moment’s notice.  Yes, I can flip on the accent AND the wholesomeness if the moment should call for it.  Fortunately, there isn’t much call for either of those in my life at the moment.

The middle finger on my left hand is really sore this morning.  I must have overused it.  That’s all part of not being wholesome.


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10 responses to “I Am Not Wholesome

  1. bholles

    I probably would have hated it.

  2. So was it a romance? A mystery? Impossible to classify because it zigzags all over the place? Details, woman, details, lol.

  3. Sometimes having a predictable story is relaxing. Especially after reading a heavy drama or two. Loved the last sentence….BaZINGA! http://youtu.be/skQGve3XksU

  4. Patty O'

    Your final sentence MADE MY DAY, and I needed that. Thank you!

  5. I know that kind of book. I can read one, once in a while, but I really outgrew my taste for them about forty years ago. (Those were the days of stay-at-home mom, reading Reader’s Digest Condensed Books; I was lucky if they sneaked a history in there once in a while.)

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