Whining Babies

Captain’s Log   5,854

Tired.  Tired.  Tired today.  It takes so much LESS effort to be happy.  You don’t have to think about it.


Then again, giving up whining might be mean giving up a huge part of your perceived reality.  That requires CHANGE!  Oh no!  Anything but that!


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16 responses to “Whining Babies

  1. Sorry you’re having to deal with whiners. They don’t realize they’re ruining their own day as well as yours.

  2. maryz

    I like cheese and crackers with my whine!

  3. Patty O'

    Ah. Whining as a lifestyle is to be avoided at all cost. The TIRED, however, can be equally annoying, but from the inside. Such annoyances get in the way of FUN and HAPPY. Good to remember these things so we can guard against them!

  4. betty

    wine? did someone say wine? I like wine!!! I don’t like WHINE. Im fed up with WHINING. Are we WINING at your house?

  5. goatbarnwitch

    The human animal loathes change so the whiners will continue to whine…. I prefer my glass half full thank you very much 😉

  6. Spent an evening with such a Debbie Downer recently. She just doesn’t know how to be nice. (Her own mother says she can darken a room, just by walking in.) I survived though, conversing with another woman who thinks I am “nice but too liberal.” Takes all kinds. 😎

  7. Valerie

    I definitely prefer “wining” to “whining!”

  8. Some times a good cry is exactly what we need….but usually not!

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