Epitome of Geekness

Captain’s Log   5,852

Epitome of geekness.

flash mob 2014

So there you have it.  I went on a pretend “cruise” with Friend Sally on Saturday morning.  These geocachers showed up at the USS Never Sail (actual name USS Recruit) for a 15-minute cruise.  We registered, got a nice lei, enjoyed a lovely breakfast “buffet” of Hershey’s kisses, posed for cruise photos with a fake life preserver, and then gathered for this group photo.   I am on the left side of the photo.  3-4 rows up and 3-4 people in.  You can see my blue baseball cap.  Friend Sally isn’t as tall.  Her sunglasses are at chin level on the right side of my face (left as you look at the photo).

We took a few selfies.


My orthodontist would be so proud.

Only geeks show up on a Saturday morning to take a “cruise” replete with a breakfast made of candy.  There was also a lovely ice sculpture.  Someone had frozen a baggie of water and that was set out by the candy.

After a few minutes, Friend Sally looked at me and said, “Now what?”  That was it.  Finished.  Go off and watch the seagulls.  Cruise is over.  No more flash mobs until next year.

We know how to have fun.


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19 responses to “Epitome of Geekness

  1. Jane

    I am standing almost behind you! I am wearing a pinkish hat and standing next to Flagman in the green shirt. Sorry I missed you. One day we’ll meet face to face!

  2. Now your’e talking my speed of cruise. Here I’d have to settle for Dolly Steamboats at the lakes. Not at all the same thing.

  3. Absolutely love it. Surreal indeed and leaves me laughing.

  4. joanie

    What is the next planned extravaganza for this geek group? A pretend Oscar Night? Oh, wait, I DID that! OMG! I’m a GEEK and I didn’t even know it. Are ALL Aquarians geeks?

  5. At least it was cheaper than a real cruise but alas, you get no points towards your next level of cruisedom…

  6. Funny — I didn’t wait for the description. I just looked at the picture (about 3 up, 3 from the left) and came back to ask, “is that you in the blue cap?”

    I can imagine that to be a fun morning. Did you find anything?

  7. Patty O'

    Hilarious. I can’t stop laughing…

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