Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Captain’s Log  5,851

On this 70th anniversary of D-Day, I feel compelled to share this.


I was inspired with by this song as a young child and it remains near and dear to my heart even now.

Be peace. Know peace. Accept peace in others. It’s the only way we will ever learn.


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13 responses to “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

  1. HOPE is found along the way….not at the end of the road!

  2. Joan Baez remains an astounding singer, not the least because of the things she sings ABOUT. In the 1960’s the young people were espousing peace and love. Now it’s anarchy and greed. Where has all our collective conscience gone?

  3. joanie

    Beautiful! The question of the ages that we keep ignoring because no one has the answer. Let me rephrase that, We know the answer, just not how to implement it because it requires everyone to be on the same page, and that has been essentially impossible.

  4. goatbarnwitch

    The learning is slow, so very very slow. Hope is the thing that must be kept alive. Always….

  5. I feel as if we’ll never learn, certainly no in my lifetime.

  6. annanotbob

    Thank you for posting this. I have been overwhelmed with the horror of our world today – endless stories of hatred, venality, intolerance and worse. Holding tight to knowing you are there xxxx

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