Ass-Ended Master

Captain’s Log   5,849

With my tendency to trip easily, it might be more appropriate to call me an ass-ended master.

I find that hilarious.  For the moment.  Other terms are:

fall down go boom

go ass over teacups


adopt a tree

My challenge, so leave me to it.


Sometimes, I am challenged by what other people put on Facebook.  So I am going to put it here in the hopes that there will be some sort of therapeutic reward.  

I present to you…..the spoon worm…..fat inkeeper worm….penis fish.

spoon worm

I have no words………  except I am very glad I don’t live in the Amazon basin

According to what I read on the internet (so it must be true), when these fish are teeny little guys and gals, they are so small they can enter your private bits (boy or girl bits – this fish isn’t picky).  Once inside, the fish start to grow.  The only way to deal with it is to have surgery.  

And you thought swallowing spiders in your sleep was bad!  You could have a penis fish invade your bits!  For some reason, I think it would be worse if you had a penis fish….in your penis.

When I was a child, I used to dream about clowns that swallowed fire out of soup bowls in a circus tent.  They would chase me like white-faced dragons and set my hair albaze.  I was also completely terrified of the flying monkeys.  I think the penis fish might have created the perfect trifecta of horror.


No need for drugs when you are an ass-ended master.


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20 responses to “Ass-Ended Master

  1. I watch River Monsters. Sorry, can’t gross me out that easily lol

  2. You’ve heard the expression “dumber than a bag of dicks”? Now we have a visual to go with it!

  3. Very sorry in a morbund sort of way that I have seen these. Hope your bruises aren’t horrific.

  4. Joanie benson

    I would not want to see one of these on the end of my fishing line.

  5. Susanna

    Something nice, hum. Let’s just say my favorite phrase was “ass over teacups.” For short periods of entertainment I read entries of Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman by E.W. Hornung and ass over teacups is “so Harnung.”
    Just take his initials EW and you have my comment on the rest.

  6. Jean

    What did u type in for this to pop up !!! EEEWWWWW !!!!

  7. There is no limit to your interests….and thank you for sharing…once again.

  8. bholles

    Where do you find this crazy stuff?

  9. Patty O'

    I have heard of them but never seen them. Sorry I have now…

  10. Penny Tushingham


    Pen Pen

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