Have Your Fookin’ Last Word – On a Platter

Captain’s Log   5,847

Ever notice that some people disagree with you just for the sake of having the last word?  My mom taught me not to do that really quickly and effectively.   If I tried to pull that shit with her, she simply sat down and watched TV.  No more discussion.  No going anywhere in the car.  We were finished.  She hated that game as much as I do.  She also hated the game of hair splitting.  When you say something like…..He had about six apples in the bag…..and you get corrected by someone saying…..It was actually five. Why do some people feel the need to trump you constantly?  Why do some people insist on being right even when there isn’t an argument?

Those people must go around all day hunting for places to poke holes.  They cannot be happy with generalized information, they say they need absolute facts.  That is bullshit.  I worked with someone like this for several years when I was on the road.  No matter what you said, that person said something more accurate or better.  Whatever.  I asked a counselor what to do about this, and the answer was surprising.  These people are crazy-makers and nothing you do will ever change them.  You will never say enough, have enough, do enough, be enough, know enough, share enough…..nothing.  Ever.  It is their destiny to make you wrong.  Well, not just you.  It’s everybody.  They are compulsive assholes.

I have noticed over the years that when I am around people like this, I just go Zen.  Not always, but more than I used to.  I used to stand and hold my ground.  But then I learned about the futility of such things.  The crazier I made myself, the more these people enjoyed the game.  The more superior they felt.   And the more likely they are to push your face into the sidewalk and stand on your neck.

I have learned that this is another form of bullying.  When you constantly correct people, you are degrading them.  Unless it’s a matter of protocol or intellectual necessity, it’s more prudent to smile and say nothing.  Brush it off.  Embrace the “imperfection” and allow the moment to move on.

I have no idea where this came from today.  I just sat down and some angry angel took over the keyboard.  I guess I am growing weary of being around people who always have to be right.  To those people, I bequeath all the last words in all the arguments circling the ethers now and those yet to come.  I really don’t care anymore.  I have moved you and all your machinations to manipulate and control into the NO LONGER GIVE A FUCK folder.   So correct me and chide me and step on my stories and tales.  I no longer give you permission to destroy me. 


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26 responses to “Have Your Fookin’ Last Word – On a Platter

  1. poundheadhere

    I have my moments of being that person. Please feel free to slap me next time you catch me at it, because you’re right. It’s bullying and pointless except in its ability to annoy and/or outrage.

  2. goatbarnwitch

    Yes, it is bullying, and yes it is a way to deal with insecurity. I know, I am married to the exact bully…. damaging over the long run. I have my periods where I can just give the look and walk away but other days…. I just want to scream. I feel the pain of that angry angel and I hope she doesn’t need to visit you again for a very very long time.

  3. annanotbob

    My younger daughter always had to have the last word when she was little which drove me crazy until I realised that was what it was. As soon as I just let her have the last word, arguments became much shorter and like you say, who cares? I am relieved to have so few annoying people in my life these days – I know it’s my good fortune to be able to just walk away. This is my subtle attempt to lure you into retirement! xxx

  4. Patty O'

    I guess we have all suffered that kind of behavior from others. I have found that acting as if they are hilarious works; they don’t like it but have no answer fore it. Or a totally blank stare sometimes works, too. I have grown too old to tolerate that any more; I literally do not have the time to waste on arguing with a bully. And yes, that is exactly what it is!

  5. Susanna

    You could use my granddaughters standard remark, interesting; followed by one of your long stares that suggests non-verbally the exact opposite of the remark.

  6. joanie

    Not to be presumptious, but I think the angry angel may have made you write this for ME today. I find myself lately correcting every grammatical or pronunciation error that the hub-unit makes and then I hate myself for it, but sometimes it just drives me crazy when he says the wrong word. Why? Don’t know. You only correct the ones you love I guess. Yesterday I asked him what the name of the floor in our kitchen is because a friend wanted to know and he said “ConGLOleum”, and I was like, “I think you mean Congoleum.” And he says, “So why did you ask ME if you know what it is?” I realized I must have sounded extremely annoying because I KNEW what he meant, I just had to say it. I’m going to stop it now. Thank you. And I gvie erevynoe premsision to crorcet any eorrrs I may hvae made in tihs psot.

  7. Valerie

    Ugh! How annoying! I don’t have anyone like that to deal with; my cross to bear is someone who feels compelled to “top” anything you’ve done, read, seen, heard, blah, blah blah. Just can’t stop playing the “bet you can’t top this” game. SMH

  8. Now shoo that angry angel outta there and drink your coffee in peace.

  9. I lived with someone like that. He was so anal that it became a joke. Sometimes if he had interrupted me too many times, I just stopped talking and told him to tell the story himself. LOL….

  10. I tried that years ago; the one person with whom it would not work was my brother. I could say, “all right, you win,” and walk away to end the discussion, and he would follow me! One of my aunts told me it was like my grandparents: he would always give in, and she always wanted to argue. 😎

  11. Joel

    I have sister-in-law that will correct me all the time. If I say the sky is blue, she will tell me the perfect shade of blue. I think it’s being insecure.

  12. bholles

    Good for you. Guess I will quit trying.

  13. Penny Tushingham

    maybe you had a bad dream???

    Pen Pen

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