Mulberry Nirvana

Captain’s Log   5,844

So I stood in front of my office door yesterday and tried to open it with my car fob.  Yup.  I stood there pressing the button waiting for my door to click.  Do you think I might be under just a WEE bit of stress?

I left early and bought some bird seed.  That is always good for the soul.  Bought some suet too.  Nothing like lard rolled in peanut dust to make you feel better.   And then, I treated myself to some vanilla ice cream because one of my staff brought me some mulberries from her yard.  She has thousands of berries and usually just lets them go to waste (or to the birds that can get inside and capture the treasures).  When I asked her why she doesn’t eat them, she whined and said it is too much work.   She needs Zen lessons.

Yes, it really IS a lot of work to harvest and prepare mulberries.  They are messy as hell.  Your hands get purple and you have little stems everywhere.  But hey.  They only happen once a year and they are heavenly!  


Before washing and stem removal.  How could you resist?


After removing the stems and eating them with sliced peaches over vanilla ice cream

Oh my goodness!  After all the prep work, I had about 1/2 cup of mulberries.  Perfect for what came next.  Before I knew it, everything in the bowl turned purple.  Even the peaches.  What a treat!  I am not much of a foodie, so if I carry on about something, it must be good.

It’s Wednesday.  That means Meeting Day for me.  I start at 8:00 this morning and end sometime around 6:00 this evening.  Posh and bother.


And I cannot help but think about what happened in Santa Barbara over the weekend.  And what Joe the Plumber said – that those dead kids do not trump his right to have guns.  With an attitude like that, it’s no wonder we have such trouble.


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17 responses to “Mulberry Nirvana

  1. The mulberry ice cream extravaganza looks delicious. As far as the gun thing, I doubt it will ever be handled. When parents contact medical for help and still can’t get their child fully evaluated….it’s no wonder these shootings continue. It’s just too easy to pretend there is nothing wrong and wait for someone else to handle it.

  2. joe

    I am on my way to Northridge Farmers Market To Buy Some

  3. Patty O'

    Vanilla ice cream with mulberries and peaches. Sheer bliss. I’m glad that lovely deliciousness was yours. You deserve it!

  4. joanie

    Oh my God. That dessert looks like heaven! My mouth is watering just looking at it. That’s what I like about you…you appreciate the small things in life, even the tiny little mulberry ones. Love ya.

  5. Valerie

    I finally figured out the gun issue! It seems that the Silent Majority is actually for gun control and against all the nonsense that the NRA espouses – but the Silent Majority has gotten too complacent and doesn’t want to get involved. What will it take? Sadly, I fear that it will take many, many more shooting massacres – so many in fact, that nothing will happen until millions of people in this country have been personally affected by a shooting: maybe one of the victims will be a spouse, child, parent, sibling, extended relative, friend; only then when our numbers are in the millions, just like the NRA membership, will people finally say “ENOUGH!” and will finally start to aggressively seek legislation to end the killing sprees any way possible. So sad, but I’m afraid I’m right on this.

    • poolagirl

      Believe it or not, I have been shot at twice and actually shot once. I got hit in the leg as a child from a friend’s pellet gun he “borrowed” from his dad. He was mad because I wouldn’t share my kite, so he shot me. I was shot AT once while collecting agates from a rock pile with my boyfriend at the time. It was October and we were decked out in blaze orange. And someone still shot at us. I was also shot AT once in a state park looking at the fall leaves early in the morning. A huge chunk of the tree was ripped out about 8 inches above my head. Neither of those shooters was ever discovered. I HATE HATE HATE guns!

  6. bholles

    Hope you get through your day.

  7. Talk about distracted, I originally clicked on Comments to hope you have an easy day of meetings. Happy mulberries!

  8. As far as “Joe the Plumber” is concerned, if dead kids don’t mean anything to him, he needs a mental evaluation — just to make sure that he won’t shoot someone. (And if the evaluation doesn’t uncover anything and he then does shoot someone, the evaluator is charged with something, dereliction of duty or endangering a minor, maybe.)

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