Hatchlings Are Now Dead

Captain’s Log   5,841

The wee birds are dead.  The nest was attacked again last night.  Three little corpses entwined in the fern fronds this morning. Since I didn’t see any movement at all yesterday afternoon, my only hope is that they were already dead when the predator attacked.

I cleaned it all up and removed the nest.  I watered everything very well, filled the bird feeders, and waited to see what Mom Bird would do.  She returned and started what must be considered a wailing of grief for her chicks.

But I had to do something.  I could not bear to leave them there just rotting away with her desperation so apparent.

I cannot believe how much this has upset me.  It’s beyond words.


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33 responses to “Hatchlings Are Now Dead

  1. It’s the cat owners’ fault. I do not know why cats are allowed to freely roam, kill things, and poop wherever they want. Dogs are not allowed to roam and be nuisances. I’ve never owned a cat, but if I did I certainly would care enough about it to keep it indoors and safe. I’m so sorry about your and Pam’s dogs, I did not know you lost them. Hugs.

    • poolagirl

      They weren’t my dogs, but I loved them a lot. In some ways, they both “adopted” me. They went downhill fast in the past year.

  2. Poolie, when I was a kid, I couldn’t watch the Mutual of Omaha specials . The sight of a female lion chasing down a zebra or wildebeest just made me so sad.
    I understand your pain over this.
    My two cats are indoor cats for many reasons, this being one of them!

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Circle of life is often not pretty… Sorry this happened just outside your lovely door. I hope the mama bird stays near in a safer place and you can share in her babies fledging

  4. poundheadhere

    I commented on your FB and the same goes here. Loss of life – any life – is sad, under any circumstances. And Daniel’s wrong. It isn’t whether he needed to read it or not, it’s whether YOU needed to share, and you obviously did. *Hugs* If mama bird there is like the ones here, you’ll have more wee ones soon, hopefully hatched in a safer territory.

  5. annanotbob

    Came to leave a hug, rendered speechless by the comment that you didn’t need to write this – I mean, wtf? Apart from the obvious that you can write whatever you like, he didn’t need to read it – you’ve written clear titles that have led me to not read until now as I’ve been riding a wave of loss. So double hugs and love, Poolie xxx

  6. Patty O'

    I fully agree with Farm Girl. So sorry…

  7. I’m very sorry… it’s sad when innocent creatures die needlessly… however, it is the circle of life, no? *Channels Lion King theme song*

  8. farm girl

    you are right. some times the laws of nature are harsh. You cared deeply. You tried very hard. thank-you for that. hugs to you friend.

  9. I’m sure it is all entwined with the anniversary of losing your mother….You’ve also lost the shared dogs you had with Pam this year. Lots of sadness going on.

  10. Oh yes, I can believe. The year we had the fox in the neighborhood, several of the feral cats had litters. One little mom lost all her kittens, and for days she kept calling them… Doesn’t matter who the mama is, it’s always heartbreaking.

  11. This is a story you didn’t have to share. 😦

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