Losing the Hatchlings

Captain’s Log   5,840

I fear the worst for the hatchlings.  The whole fern was toppled yesterday morning.  I found only bits of one bird when I went to clean it up.  Three others were alive.  Two were clinging to the fern itself and one was on the sidewalk.  I tipped the one closest to the nest back inside, and I took the other two into the house.  And then I went into a panic about what to do.  I called Friend Sally and she came right over to help.

The online sources said it was okay to put the babies back into the nest.  So we did.  Very carefully.   Mom Bird came back to the nest but I think it was too late.  I had to leave for work, so Friend Sally stayed a few hours.  She saw only minimal movement from one bird.  When I got home from work, nothing was moving at all.  Mom Bird is still hanging around this morning.  The nest was not molested last night.  I left all the outside lights on to dissuade any cats or other critters.

Mom Bird is so freaked out.  The poor little thing.  She is guarding her nest right now so I don’t want to disturb her for another look.  I don’t think it will be good news.  I just can’t bear to remove them until she seems ready to let them go.


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10 responses to “Losing the Hatchlings

  1. poundheadhere

    Aww I hope they survived. I’m surprised you didn’t setup a birdhouse of some kind in your yard, We bought some this year but haven’t yet figured out where to put them so they’ll be less vulnerable to predators.

  2. Patty O'

    Oh dear! Alas, I have had that happen here, too. You do the best you can, get help if possible, and keep hoping. The good news is that there will be more baby birds and the happy outcomes outweigh the sad. Good luck.

  3. Unfortunately this is part of the life cycle. I know you want to save them and I hope you can.

  4. Did you see the KPBS shows last night about rehabbing birds and animals locally. Take them in if they are still alive. Hugs.

  5. Sad story. I rescued two hummingbirds a few months ago. More accurately, I found an agency to rescue them. If you ever need help saving a hummingbird, contact: the Hummingbird Rescue Center at 619-585-9589 or 619-420-5156.

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