Sworn Virgins of Puffcorn

Captain’s Log   5,836

I love search engines.  It’s always fun to see how people landed here.  Some people land because they know this is where they want to go.  Other people are obviously looking for something else and open a page.  My guess is they are sorely disappointed.  When you consider what they were actually looking for, I doubt if this place fits the bill.

My favorite in a long time happened yesterday.  I checked my stats to see what people put into search boxes.  This is one of the top ten.

Sworn virgins of puffcorn

That’s kind of fun, don’t you think?  I thought so.  I put that little phrase into Google images and this is what I got.

frozen shoes

A picture of my own frozen shoes!  An experiment to stretch them using little water bottles jammed into the shoes and then stuck into the freezer for a few days.  Actually, it worked!  When I did it for real, I also put some baggies of water into the toes and let those freeze up too.  I wanted the full effect.

I didn’t see any images of sworn virgins OR puffcorn.  Then again, I only looked at the first few images since I was so delighted to see my own shoes.  Now narcissistic of me to stop there.  How overly full of the letter “s” is that damn word?  Might as well be spelling “Mississippi.”

Speaking of narcissism…..  When Big Sister Mia and I went to Catholic school in small town Iowa, the principal of the high school was a nun named Sister Mary Narcissus.  How funny is that?  We called her Narz.  Yup.  Narz.  And that was not a term of endearment.  She was gone by the time I got into high school, and that was probably good for me.  My sister had made quite a reputation for herself when she was enrolled, and I needed a clean slate without Narz to think badly of me.

Sister Narz actually WAS named after a saint and not a personality disorder.  Saint Narcissus was a bishop in the early days of Jerusalem.   I looked him up on Wikipedia.  He was a toughie and many people didn’t like him when he laid down the law.  Imagine people not liking to be dominated by some crabby old fart who thinks he is ordained by God.  He was forced out of his position and some people thought he died.  Apparently, he was living somewhere good with lots of fresh air and very little stress because he supposedly died when he was 160 years old.  I really hate it when the Catholic church tells stupid stories like that.  They have enough trouble with credibility without spouting off nonsense about ancient and cantankerous old men who defy the odds of life expectancy.

Sister Narz did not like my sister.  She wasn’t there long enough to dislike me, but I am sure it would have happened.  Maybe we should have renamed her order.  Instead of the 3rd Order of Franciscans, they could have been called the Sworn Virgins of Puffcorn.  


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13 responses to “Sworn Virgins of Puffcorn

  1. susanna

    Oh, oh, and read 5 books a week!

  2. susanna

    I haven’t checked in for a while and I was delighted to return today to this packed full dissertation. It just rolls out of you, interesting, concise, funny, historical (today), opinionated, brave. How do you do this daily and keep a full time big profile job, eat out with friends almost nightly, have favorite TV shows you watch, tend gardens, travel. And you are so kaffa about it all. I have never seen you rush. I raise the amazing Poola flag of adoration for you today my friend.

  3. poundheadhere

    Your shoes have now been named. I think that;s priceless!

  4. I search for strange strings on occasion to test the search engine I’m using. It’s kind of the opposite of the ads I saw for Bing, which demonstrates searches it has already loaded. It never finds the one’s I am looking for.

    If I have made up a term, for example, Stenosauria, Google will find it within a couple of days after I have used it. Bing still hasn’t found it.

  5. So Mia was a brat in school? Maybe that explains why she loved gory murder stories and other scary stuff? She has a good cover though…her face doesn’t give her away at all.,…LOL

  6. bholles

    She didnt like me. I was kind of a brat.

  7. joe

    Hi my friend
    You always have Great stories
    Thank you

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