I Knew Someone Famous Before She Got Famous

Captain’s Log   5,835

No hatchlings in the nest yet.  She is a good momma bird.  She lets me know I am intruding when I get too close.  I tried to explain to her that I am feeding other birds and making sure the plants are watered, but I think the language barrier is just too much.  She continues to glare at me.

When my Minnesota pals were here last month, we caught up with old times and old friends.  Lo and behold, someone I used to know has now become a successful author.  I remember when she was married to a storytelling cohort of mine.  I spent many hours with those two.  I know they got divorced and moved on with separate lives.  I had no idea she had become such a literary success.

This is one of her books.  It’s the story of the pink suit Jackie Kennedy was wearing the day her husband was assassinated.  It has become one of the most iconic garments in our history.

pink suit

I’ve seen this book everywhere.  I had no idea that the author used to go by another name and that she was married to a colleague of mine.  Small world.

I downloaded another one of her books and just finished it last night.  It’s lovely work.  I am inspired.  Novels seem so daunting to me, but short stories might be something I can do to get the juices flowing again.


Really good stuff.  Tender and not limited to love stories.

Woke up with another fierce headache around 3:00 this morning.  Stress is a bitch.



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10 responses to “I Knew Someone Famous Before She Got Famous

  1. How cool to know an accomplished author! You always know the most amazing people 🙂

  2. Have you considered Tai Chi or Yoga before work? (She says hopefully.) There’s a charming picture of the two of you on my blog today. Please steal it. 🙂

  3. Guess I will be adding The Pink Suit to my list of books to read. How great that you knew her before she was so successful.

  4. Patty O'

    OK. Start with short stories if you like. Just remember, shorter does not = easier. But it’s a wonderful genre. All your fans are ready to read as soon as you are ready to write.

  5. How nice to find that you know an established author who is a good writer. I recently found out that a popular author is actually someone who used to write for the local paper. I can’t bring myself to look for her books because,unfortunately, her writing for the paper wasn’t very good.

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