Norman. Norman!

Captain’s Log   5,829

Sister Mary Zoom Zoom needs some major work.  Her fuel gauge is not working properly, so I don’t know how much gas I have.  There were suggestions yesterday to carry around a notebook and keep track of my mileage.  I don’t want to do that.  It’s a nice car and I want the fuel gauge to work.  The same way I wanted my ice maker to work.  The same way I would want anything I use all the time to work.  I filled her up Wednesday night and drove around all day yesterday.  The gauge never budged from full even though I drove 75 miles.  I am not happy.

I had dinner with Friend Pam last night and then we watched the latest episode of Bates Motel.  Holy crap!  I think Norman is a bit too attached to his mommacita.  But now, he’s in trouble and he really needs her.  Such a complex mother/son relationship.  In the summer, my mom used to make me a bologna sandwich and give me a dime for a soda.  That was lunch.  She set me off early in the morning to do my own whatever and I was usually gone for 8 hours.  Norma would never leave Norman out of range that long.  No siree.


How do you spell Oedipus?

It’s a great series.  I just heard it’s been renewed for another season!  YAY!  My favorite character is Emma Decody.  She is a sweet teen girl with cystic fibrosis – played by Olivia Cooke.  She is quirky.  Maybe that’s why I relate to her so well.  Some snarky reporter tried to insult me a few months ago by calling me quirky.  She had no idea what a compliment that really was.  


Quirky Emma and her oxygen canister

Two more days of work and then I get another day off.  WOW!  One whole day!  This is why I don’t feel bad when I take off for places like Amsterdam.  I work my butt-ooski off.  Butt-ooski.   I will be working 7-8 hours tomorrow, so I don’t give a patootie what anyone says when I jet away for awhile.  Butt-ooski.  Patootie.  Loving these words today.  

I need to run down to the bank before heading off to the salt mine.  Hope I don’t run out of gas.


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14 responses to “Norman. Norman!

  1. It may be just a connection too. 🙂
    With Grumpy, we didn’t get any reading at all until we bought a new gas cap. 🙂

  2. Well darn – hopefully not much more major work than what you mentioned before. Then again, you’ve put a lot of miles on Sister Mary Zoom Zoom. My vehicle’s over 100K miles and while I just put $2700+ into her this year, she needs at least that much more work to be in peak operating condition. If SMZZ is of a similar vintage she’s probably needing comparable pampering.

  3. Have you considered trading in… “”she said whispering”….Sister Mary Zoom Zoom for a newer model? Sshhh! I don’t want to hurt her feelings.

  4. Patty O'

    Patootie! I love it. My favorite word for the day is CURMUDGEON…meaning ME. Don’t ask…

  5. Anneke

    Amsterdam? When??

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