Early Morning at the Mazda Place

Captain’s Log   5,828

So here I am at the Mazda dealer having my car attended.  61,000 miles.  The gas tank is not registering properly, and if it doesn’t correct itself, that’s a $800 repair.  Lucky day!  At least they have free coffee, comfortable furniture, and four computers for customers to use while we wait.  I don’t live in a city nor do I have a job that allows me to be car-less.  Grrrrr sometimes.  But never a grrrrr for long.

But if that is the worst of my problems, I consider myself fortunate.  We are hosting a party at the museum on Saturday for the Wounded Warrior project.  I am sure every single one of those veterans would gladly pay $800 for a car repair than live with what happened to them in the war.  Everything is relative, and I need to get over myself.

This party has 30 RSVP’s on Monday.  The organizer stopped by yesterday to let me know the list has grown to over 200.  I knew that would happen.  San Diegans are the worst RSVP people in the world.  Everybody waits until the very last moment.  It’s maddening when you are an event planner, but you learn to deal with that odd stuff over time.  I am glad for the numbers.  I am also glad we can do something to help.

I’m hungry.  I slept a bit late, showered, and jumped in the car after tending to the birds and the garden.  I need food!  I think a nice sesame bagel smothered in cream cheese sounds good.  I will pick that up on my way to work.  So much for juicing today.  I’m sure the universe will forgive me.   I can see how juicing becomes a religion for some people.  Kind of like online journaling only more complicated.  The health rewards are better too.

Well, I guess it’s time to gaze at the floor mats for sale, wiper blades, key chains, and air fresheners.  Such an exotic life.



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10 responses to “Early Morning at the Mazda Place

  1. poundheadhere

    I’m sorry Sister Mary Zoom Zoom has been ailing and glad you got her fixed up.

  2. Yup, there is no life here without Sister Mary Zoom Zoom. Gotta know if you are about to run out of gas here too. Mia writes me that she has over 250 books in her car waiting for me. Is there a breakfast or lunch you might be free to be free?

    There was something else I wanted to say…but it’s flown the little grey cells. I’ll write back it I remember.

  3. Hope Sister Mary Zoom Zoom just needs a burp to move the gas and she will be right again!

  4. Far-reaching results: I never moved to southern California because I didn’t want to need a car. (mostly) New York was the best solution to that, as it happens. Connecticut, however, “first in war and first in peace,” so they say, is also last in modern transportation.
    I hope your car is all right and that Mazda service doesn’t sour you on the company.

  5. Penny Tushingham

    Just remember, Sister Mary Mary zoom zoom takes you on many wonderful adventures that you
    couldn’t do without her!

    Pen Pen

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