Giving Up on a Pulitzer Winner

Captain’s Log   5,825

Sometimes you just gotta give up on a book.  That makes me sad.  I am sure Donna Tarrt worked very hard to crank out her 755-page “treatment” of a modern orphan with serious substance abuse problems.  Oh, he is also an art thief.  Oh, he also survived a bombing.  Oh, he traveled across country on a bus with a Maltese in a bag.  Oh, he is very attracted to a young girl with staples in her head.  Oh, he is taken in by a master antique restoration dude who eschews technology.  Oh, one of his best friends is a Ukrainian juvenile delinquent named Boris (yup – Boris).  Oh, they end up in Amsterdam and shoot guns.

I am done.

the goldfinch

How on earth did this win the Pulitzer?

When I think of the time I spent reading this instead of forging ahead with the Game of Thrones series…. ACK!  What was I thinking?  I could have finished the 5th book by now if I had not frittered away the better part of two days on this damn thing!  Truth be told, it plods so slowly that I only made it about 3/4 of the way and started skipping ahead like someone with a manic disorder.  And then I decided to toss it.  I no longer cared about Theo and his issues.  When my Minnesota pals were here, we discussed this book.  I should have listened to the warnings…..but no!  I tried to read it myself.

Apparently, when I was a toddler, one of my constant phrases was prophetic.  Me do it! Me do it!  I became an intensely independent adult AND I often insist on doing things just to prove to myself that I can.  The independence side of the coin is good.  The flip side has often caused trouble.

Here is a list of the many ME DO IT moments that have compromised my life…..

Reading The Goldfinch

Attempting to ride a steer

Ignoring my intense fear of rides that hang you upside down

Fixing a car window with duct tape

Trusting the #1 Confederate Dunce in my life for a nano-second

Riding an orange crate scooter at age 61

Boone’s Farm Strawberry Wine (any and all applications of use)

Taking an economics class in college

Walking in the Minnesota woods in October without a blaze orange hat on my head

There are many more but I need to get this week in gear.  I’m juiced up (bananas, strawberries, orange juice, yogurt, hemp hearts, flax seeds, and cashews) and the coffee was amazing.  I ironed my cape earlier.  I am now looking for a tall building.


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22 responses to “Giving Up on a Pulitzer Winner

  1. I was on a long trip to Pittsburgh and back by myself, driving it all in one day. (I live about 45 miles east of Chicago) I use audio books to keep me awake on trips like that. I cannot believe I slogged through the entire Deep End of The Ocean. I HATED it. I especially hated the mother who lost her child. You’d think she would be a character you’d care about. Oh Hell no. Well my irritation kept me awake and I made it there and back just fine. I love Pat Conroy and Stephen King for long trips though.

  2. Patty O'

    Looks like we are ALL a bunch of true booklovers who HATE to not finish a book once started. It is a special kind of regret, because we will forever suspect that SOMEWHERE in that book there was a lesson we needed to learn or ONE beautiful sentence that would have touched our souls. But if you HAVE ever forced yourself to finish a ghastly book you realize it was just a waste of time. Forget it and move on.

  3. I’ve encountered a few of those books. You feel bad for setting them aside but sometimes the greater evil is NOT walking away

  4. Valerie

    Oh man…Boone’s Farm! It’s been years since I’ve thought about it!!! And believe it or not, I had your experience with The Hobbit, of all things. Lauren REALLY wanted me to read it and I just could not get into it. I got to page 60 or so and I said to her, “Please don’t make me read this whole book.” She was kind enough to let me off of the hook!

  5. joanie

    Just don’t try leaping the tall building in a single bound or you’ll have to add that to your above list.

  6. When a hard book is required for you to pass a course, you plow through it. When you encounter that same kind of book after you have passed all kinds of courses and experiences, you may consider your judgment to be accurate and trustworthy.

    It may be good. But it was not good for you. I suspect it wouldn’t be good for me either.

  7. I have a headache just thinking about yet another unreadable book.

  8. I have had the same experience with a movie or a book that “everyone just loves”…..and I don’t. I hate not to finish a book but, like you, there are times when I just read the last chapter to see if there was any point to the story at all. Did I tell you that Netflix DOES have all the Game of Thrones series and I have them on my list now! Whoooo hoooo!

  9. I read Donna Tartt’s first novel, A Secret History. Although I found that it was well written, the story dragged on and on. I won’t even consider tackling her latest. I’m way too impatient.

  10. Anneke Borst

    Too bad. I just loved that book. That is why I recommended it to you.

    • poolagirl

      Oh, Anneke…..don’t feel bad. I just couldn’t wrap around it at all. I guess I am just impatient. I love the other books you suggest to me.

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