Monkey Mind

Captain’s Log   5,824

Little things excite me.  Things like this.


Sleeping late on a weekend morning

Tomorrow will be the first time in months that I have not had to wake up early on a Saturday for something or other.  No agenda.  No meetings.  No working.  I get an entire morning to just to hang and do my own thing.  Actually, I don’t have any plans until later in the afternoon.  I am so thrilled I can barely stand it! 

I plan to go to Home Depot whenever I feel like it and buy some new paints so I can get started on my next furniture project.  This is the kind of stuff I do.  I have another chair to paint and an end table thing.  Very excited to get going with all of that.

chair paint

Just because I can

I installed an app on my phone of some woman talking in a melodious voice leading a guided meditation.  I use it to fall asleep.  It takes about three minutes and I am gone.  I was never much for meditation.  Even when I worked at a church where meditation was almost considered a sacrament, I couldn’t do it.  My boss used to call it over-active monkey mind.  I used to think there was something wrong with me but now I don’t care.  Monkey mind is a swell thing.


The crashing cymbals of unstoppable thoughts


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23 responses to “Monkey Mind

  1. Love your painted chair! And congratulations on having a Saturday to sleep in! I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly

  2. Look at you. Inspiring everyone. Check out Ronni Bennetts blog…she’s really inspiring today. And too, your sister has more books for us. Perhaps Breakfast soon. Yer friend who got up at 0600 today. 🙂

  3. Hope you are not even awake yet….Enjoy your day ~ I bet it will involved feeding the birds too!

  4. Do they have a “Squirrel Brain” toy? I need a few of those for around… SQUIRREL!

  5. Joanie benson

    I also fall asleep to an app called guided relaxation by some guy named Sharac. I never made it tbrougb to the end for several nights so I had to listen to it while I was up so I could make sure be wasn’t subliminately telling me to go kill some celebrity or something. It was all good.

  6. Valerie

    You crack me up! And enjoy your day of doing as you please – that sounds just wonderful! Awesome paint job on the chair, by the way. How long does that take to do?

  7. Monkey mind, huh? Is that just another word for people who know more than the rest of the crowd? I’m proud of it.

  8. Patty O'

    Monkey Mind! So THAT’s what it’s called. I relax most when in the company of interesting people and good conversation…or out in the wilderness with only birdsong and the murmuring of the wind. A sweeping vista is MY idea of meditation and being at peace with the Universe. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday doing exactly as you please.

  9. bholles

    Have a fun day tomorrow.

  10. annanotbob

    I love that chair! Makes me itch to get painting furniture myself. Any chance of a link to the meditation? I could do with being wafted off to sleep. Happy Saturday to ya xx

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