Book Club Flopalooza

Captain’s Log   5,823

I took a risk.  I opened my mouth and stated my truth.  Chaos ensued.  I still don’t know the outcome.  Truth is, I am caring less and less about all of this.  But I am glad I had the guts to speak up.  Things needed to be said.  They say the truth will set you free.  I cannot help but wonder where this truth will take me.

(Just found out I still have a job.  Bittersweet.)

I am trying desperately to read a bestseller for the book club meeting on Sunday.  I just cannot get into it.  I love the story but the writing style is driving me insane.


True story of Enrique’s journey from Honduras to the United States to reunite with his mother he has not seen for 12 years.

I reviewed it on Amazon.  The story is compelling, but the author chooses to write in present tense.  Short sentences.  Or.  Should.  I.  Say.  Short.  Sentences.  Enrique sleeps in the dust.  or…..  She sits on the rock.   or….  They throw food.  This book was selected for the One Book, One San Diego project in 2007.  I am still puzzled.  Perhaps it was selected to make San Diego more aware and accepting of illegal immigration here.  Last year’s selection was Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks.  I read that too but not on the city’s timeline.  That book was much better even though I found it akin to a plow horse at times.  

So I am skipping through Enrique’s story.  After reading 8-10 accounts of men losing their legs while jumping on and off trains, I decided to scan.  It’s not that I don’t care or have compassion, but the brisk writing style lends itself to my lack of attention to these gruesome events.  There is no depth.  The whole book reads like stage directions for a play.  He falls between the cars.  He screams.  

I should talk.  Sonia Nozario has at least written a book.  I have nothing even close to that.  I suppose I could turn some of this online stuff into a collection of essays…..but would anyone care?  If people can read this drivel for free almost every day, why would anyone buy it?  I don’t think these writings could become a book.

Now, if I wrote OTHER weird things that I didn’t publish here, that would be a different story.  Maybe I could become the next David Sedaris.  Or maybe Bill Bryson.  Genius minds – both of them.  

david sedaris

David Sedaris, my hero.


Bill Bryson, my other hero.  And he grew up in Iowa!  YAY!

Yup.  I still have a job.  Guess my efforts to emulate my heroes will have to wait for a bit longer.


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13 responses to “Book Club Flopalooza

  1. I don’t know whether to congratulate you or sympathize that you’re still employed, considering all of the grief it brings you. I know you’ve got to be pacing and counting the days to retirement.

  2. annanotbob

    Yay for speaking your truth! I think that about my blog sometimes – there are stories in there that could be extracted and turned into something but instead of doing that I just blether on for another thousand words. I’ve decided that I am a writer, as are you, Poolie, because we write. Quite a bit almost every day. Job done x

  3. If you need this day job, keep it. Yes, why not review books for all of us. I’m having a wonderful time with a book reviewer and his essays now…can I remember his name. Of course not.

    Look, we love ya. Yes, call later.

  4. Valerie

    He LOOKS like an Iowa boy…

  5. I have come across books like that on occasion. It took me a long time to decide that, if they are that hard to read, I should not waste my time. There are some good books around that my high school English teacher would have failed in the first two hundred words; I have a little more compassion than that. But if I have read a quarter of the book and it still hasn’t grabbed me in some way, it’s over.

    The last one I gave up on was Wally Lamb’s We Are Water. It takes place in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and some of the characters are interesting, if not likable. But some of the characters are really evil — and each chapter is first person for one of the characters. I can’t absorb that much evil, so…sayonara.

  6. I guess I’m “glad” you still have a job…..but seriously, I wish you would just leave them and start your real life.

  7. bholles

    Cant wait to hear what happened.

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