Back with the Con-Feds

Captain’s Log   5,822

This is the longest stretch of not writing I have had in over 10 years.  Wow!  Being busy at work, a trip to Vegas, and having wonderful houseguests for a few days managed to eat up all my time.  I would not have changed a thing.  Except being too busy at work.  That part is not so much fun.

The Confederacy has returned.  Just saying.  I get a month or two and then – KERPOW!  


When will they ever learn?  Never, I guess.

heavy sigh

Vegas was fun in spite of needing to change rooms.  Our gorgeous room overlooking the Eiffel Tower at Paris was not so nice after we subjected to an open-air party after hours right there.  Right there.  With loud loud LOUD music blasting until 4:00 in the morning.  I was crazed.  We changed to a room across the hall the next morning – far far away from the deafening noise.  How Amy and Kelly could sleep through it (Big Sister Mia too) is beyond my understanding.  It was loud enough to shake the floor in our room.  

My houseguests were so much fun!  It had been more than 20 years since we were all together.  Great stuff it was.  We ate great Mexican food, we traveled around town, and we sat and talked for hours.  That was the best part.  The talking around the table.  So great.

I need to remember that most people need to eat during the day.  I forget.  I can be so easily distracted that I forget about lunch.  Monday, I finally realized it was almost 3:00 and we had not stopped for food.  They were really hungry and I was just going on like an Energizer Bunny.  Note to self:  Remember that people get hungry.

Big day today.  Three meetings in a row.  


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20 responses to “Back with the Con-Feds

  1. So glad you had such grand visitors and almost a great stay in Vegas. Hope to see you soon. Still playing with pictures here.

  2. LC

    Bravo! Missing from blogging action for happy times is good news. Blogging should not be another source of stress from having a rigid schedule, whether self-imposed or from someone else’s expectations. When I retired I freelanced awhile with a local daily and then declined further freelance work.

    I happily abandoned all publishing deadlines. Now I enjoy mostly guilt-free posting, visiting other blogs and commenting.

  3. annanotbob

    Glad you were off having fun! I do that with the eating as well, and cups of tea. I don’t drink it myself but a lot of my pals need one every hour on the hour, and I do forget. xx

  4. When will they ever learn…..? I hope you change your phone number when and if you ever leave the museum,…that will teach them a thing or two!

  5. goatbarnwitch

    Glad your absence was for happy reasons… I do the same thing with sailing through the day without eating. I have to warn my interns to not wait for my cue that is lunch time they need to remind me. I lose momentum if I stop lol

  6. poundheadhere

    Listen to your big sister. She’s got your back.

  7. Patty O'

    Good to hear from you! Feared you were lost in the woods looking for a geocache… Don’t let the Dunces get you down. In the end they do not matter.

  8. joanie

    Good times. Great friends. Nothing like it. Well, maybe root beer floats.

  9. I missed you a lot, but I told myself you were having fun. (So glad you were!)

    Someday you will write about your own experiences of the Confederacy of Dunces.

  10. bholles

    Remember to eat lunch today. Not good to skip.

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