Be Your Own Hero

Captain’s Log   5,819

Sometimes you have to do this.


I am in the thick of it again with my nemesis.  I am speaking out again and preparing myself to raise my voice and pound some tables.  

For those of you familiar with Harry Potter, I am dealing with this character….again.


Down to that sweet little smirk

I had dinner with some park pals last night, and we shared war stories.  Interesting.  We all fight our battles.  We are all tired.  We talked about retiring and buying an estate in the woods and all living there together as a commune.  The way things are going for all of us, that is sounding better with every passing moment.

On a happier note, I juiced again this morning and consumed 80% of my daily protein requirements with just one big glass of a truly delicious concoction.  Honeydew makes anything taste like heaven.  Even kale.


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12 responses to “Be Your Own Hero

  1. poundheadhere

    I can definitely see you in a commune, but you’d have to leave your garden behind and I’m not sure you’re ready to do that just yet. As for Dolores, I find that mirroring his smirk is a great tool. He’ll assume that you’re up to equivalent no-good, and it’ll drive him nuts. He’ll be so paranoid he’ll end up biting himself in the ass.

  2. You are the rose between the pri*ks…..Glad you got your Wonder Woman outfit laundered and ready to go again. There’s always someone who thinks they know better how to do your job. I’m sending you my most powerful emotional weapons to help you carry on……You Rock.

  3. Patty O'

    And henceforth we will all call Mr. Nemesis “Dolores”. Maybe we can find a giant to carry HIM away into the dark, dark woods!

  4. This where you start making lists: what I would miss if I moved, what I could do without… (I’ll post mine someday).
    Enjoy your lovely garden, and send the b—h a picture of her darned smirk, asking if it looks familiar.

  5. bholles

    I hope you dont move to a commune. I would really miss you.

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