What Ho, My Lord?

Captain’s Log   5,817

Okay.  It starts tonight.  That is all.


I am caught up with the books and the previous three seasons. I am ready!

Treachery.  Deceit.  Fabulous one-liners.  Dragons.  Mystery.  Giants made of ice.  What more do you need?

What ho, my lord!


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10 responses to “What Ho, My Lord?

  1. susanna

    I believe I am going to read the book. It’s so unlike me but I must give it a try. Game of Thrones, the first one.

  2. I recorded. Too tired to focus tonight.

  3. Ter

    Okay, without spoiling too much for me… does Book 5 (Dance with Dragons) get better? I’m listening to the audio version and am having a tough time getting thru it.

  4. Patty O'

    Make the popcorn and take the phone off the hook…or turn it off. Whatever floats your Medieval boat!

  5. Guess this is another series I need to add to Netflix!

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